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How long till I am clean?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PotterywhiZ, May 10, 2011.

  1. Last Friday I had a very close call. My mom basically caught me but I pulled it off. From that moment I decided to quit until college. So because now I want to get clean I am just wondering how long that should take so I'm gonna tell u all the smoking I've done in the past 3 weeks: On 420 a friend rolled up my 2.2g)s into a dutch and I got bout 6 puffs before it ran out. April 30th I smoked 1g of VERY dank stuff shotgun apple style with a friend. Last Friday I had (5g)s in a cookie had a little bit, probably (.3g)s and then i was planning on eating the rest when the incidence happened and that's when I said I'm done and gave the cookie to a friend. So how long will it be?
  2. It will probably be about a month til your clean
  3. Dang that's a long time I was hoping for it to be shorter
  4. I say like a week tops. And you rolled a 2.2 gram blunt and got 6 puffs out of it? Either a shitty blunt or your friends were cheifing on that bitch.
  5. Me and my friend were gonna use the 2.2 and smoke it in a bowl, the a friend offered to roll it and then he and his 2 friends became part of it so it was shared umongst 5 people
  6. Sorry to double post but I really want to get clean so can I get one or two more answers so I will know when I can apple for a summer job and have no worries of testing positive
  7. Probably 1-2 weeks. You may be able to produce "clean" urine sooner if you have plenty of water in your system. The cutoff for positive on most thc tests is pretty generous. I had a friend who just drank some water and peed a couple times before the test and he passed.

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