How long till havest, PICS first grow

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  1. ok so I was just wondering when i should harvest this girl?
    im also not sure if im suposed to flush or not because the only nutes i use are bio grow1 ml p/g and bio bloom 7ml p/g

    thanks for all replies!
    :D thing is i didnt really plan this out too well so i dont remember how long its been going for just been checking it with the scope every once in a while,
    btw the seed came from a oz of purple kush i bought for 300 it was the only seed and i was so llucky i got a female !
    im not sure if it was true pk or not but thats what he said yes it was pretty fuckin dank if i must say,, thing is this is growing under a 150w sunsystem in a gyo1001 grow tent, i have the light close and just added 2 more cfls for lighting

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  2. Your trics are still clear so I would wait until they cloud up more dependeing on the buzz you want.

    Cloudy Trics = Heady High
    Amber Trics = Couch Lock Body Buzz

    Depending on what hit you want its up to you, I personally go 50/50 so I can have a high followed by nice warm couch lock.

    Dont worry about the pistils browning concentrate on your trichomes ;)
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    bump also some pics of the setup, it will impove as my paychecks keep coming in. however i dont know if temps will maintain in summer heats of the midwest, it even gets up to 90 on a bad day in the tent lol usually try to keep it as close to 80 degrees in there as i can, i also have a 70w hps sitting around, do you think if i add it in this late i will be able to control temps and get a bigger yeild? or should i wait till next round, edit: oh shit was moving some lights and my hps fell on the plant! no damage as far as i can see but now the bulb seems to vibrate because of the mini oscilating fan what should i do? i need opinions and i would like to do the best with what little money i have.. i had trouble finding 6 inch flexable ducting so i had to buy some 7 inch to jam in the exaust hole on the tent it is the only thing i could do for the time , so is 6 inch only avail. online?

    Wow sorry for such block just alot going on besides this (family problems) but things are finally starting to look great other then that :]

    so in terms of days/weeks what would you say? also i was thinking of doubling the bloom feed for the next 2 weeks? the soil is completely dry almost time to feed

    thanks again

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  4. how long have they been in flower?
    sativa dom plants take anywhere from 9-13weeks (week 10 is usual the golden number)
    indica dom plants take from 6-9 weeks (week 8 is usual the golden number)
  5. On january 20th my seed sprouted

    i only did 11 days of veg.

    they have been in 12/12 since January 31st.
    i started to notice preflowers febuary 21st

    So i dont know whether or not it is day 50 or 30 lol day 50 since switch and day 30 since preflowers.. but the trichs in my pic look milky to me or is it jut a bad quality photo?
  6. Hi mate,

    Looks mostly clear to me, some cloudy but I don't have the best eyes:eek:

    Id say yes listen to the scope, but chop her when YOU are ready.

    She is quite small which I would put down to lack of veg time, if your going scrog next time you will need to veg for a good amount of time.

    Thanks for the PM, tbh its hard to suggest a strain but anything with good branching that doesn't grow like a typical xmas tree will serve you well. I am scrogging Dinafem Critical + at the minute, seems very well suited to scrog. I know the critical yields heavy (its Big Bud reborn basically) and I am aiming for a decent yeild, having said that scrog can be great for training a wild jungle Sativa and actually being able to grow it out in a small area - like a tent:p

    You mention getting pollinated outdoors too and trying auto's, can you time the auto run to not coincide with the ditch weeds flowering? Otherwise they will get pollinated just the same as your regs:rolleyes:


  7. looking at yours compared to mine and wow yours looks much bigger good job , i hope to you get some good smoke

    Edit: that was at pinkbear

  8. thanks so much for the info and i really appreciate every bit of it. the thing im concerned with the most is when to or if i even have to flush if 12/12 is when you count the date flowering begins then it would only have 10 days till the Set harvest
    again my soil is ffof and my nute lineup is bio bizz grow and bio bizz bloom
    some people told me i dont flush with that nute some said ye, lol.
    i will look into the auto thing but it might be too late, i think that they will get pollinated jut the same but with little under developed seeds, what if i start some seed 12/12 inside stuck them outside in a month, would they revert back to veg or would they just keep flowering and finish before nature calls lol.? i was thinking about doing this but then thought id have to cover them ever 12 hours
  9. You cover some 'hot' frequently asked questions on your thread lol

    Not sure on the outdoors really. Yes to the flush:rolleyes: Flush for at least the last week if not two.

    As far as breeders times I take them from formation of flowers, I have a plant that shows sex (pre-flowers) in veg but still doesn't start to flower for a week and half after flip, I don't start to count until she starts to flower though. Thing to remember is not everyone (including breeders) is singing from the same Hymn sheet:p
  10. thanks again, and wow fast reply! i guess my questions were just my lack of patience and assurance i seem to be doing alright, i do however feel i could be doing better i wish i would have vegged it out longer tbh, esp. Since it's in a 3 gall. Also I never took any Clones, would this be possible on my plant?
  11. Going only by your pictures - which is usually how i gauge my own. I don't really see any calyx development from the pictures but I do see a lot of pistol action. I'd hazard a guess at 60 to 67 days more
  12. From my little bit of noob research, to maximize THC content, harvest when you get 5-10% amber trichs. Amber is the color of degrading THC, so waiting until later means less THC.
  13. [quote name='"brotherjericho"']From my little bit of noob research, to maximize THC content, harvest when you get 5-10% amber trichs. Amber is the color of degrading THC, so waiting until later means less THC.[/quote]

    Go to the harvesting and processing thread and read the stickie "a guide about when to harvest" it's a really good guide.

    In fact I'll copy and paste it- minus the pictures

    [quote name='"dc199"']I take no credit for this. I did not make this. However i thought this would be very useful here on GC.

    Okay, I've posted this a couple times, but I though it deserved its own thread.

    Is it ready yet?: SpruceZeus's take on marijuana ripeness.
    This is by no means meant to be the definitive guide to knowing when to chop your plant, only my views on the subject.

    I'm personally of the opinion that 90% of the growers on this site (And probably in general) harvest too early. By letting the plants go a little longer you're ensuring that the've plumped as much as they're going to.
    Despite popular opinion to the contrary(and don't fool yourself, the jury is still out on this one) Recent studies have shown ;contrary to what was previously believed, that THC itself (And its predecessor THC-A) are quite guilty of causing the confusion and drowsiness associated with burnout and other cannabinoids (our friend CBN, and a handful of others) to be the catalyst (along with THC) to being 'high' rather than 'baked'
    Regardless, whether or not theres any substance to the aforementioned study, its easy to get the high you want.
    If you want a soaring 'cerebral' high: Get yourself a tropical sativa that contains a high level of THC-V and grow it until it is ripe.
    If you want the narcotic couchlock stone, grow a rugged indica until its ripe.
    Notice a pattern of growing it until its ripe? Its a really good rule to live by.
    OF course we have to remember that there is more to a good high than just THC. At last count there are at least 66 cannabinoids, and we don't know what most of them do.

    Now alot of people will tell you that you should harvest based on the colour of your trichomes. But (again, in my opinion) that is far too simplistic and there are too many variables to make that an effective strategy. I've made that point a million times before and i'm not going to re-hash it here,(maybe just a bit) but rest assured there is more to the picture than just trich colour.

    A ripe marijuana plant will be filled in, will have an amber tinge to the buds. The pistils should have browned (or orange-d) off and receded into the buds. The seed bracts should be swollen and the trichomes should be sticking straight out with bulbous ends. Also, because you're coming close to the end of plant's life cycle, the leaves should have yellowed off and started to die.

    one of my plants, 3 days before chop-chop.

    Another very important (imho) reason to let your plants mature is Terpenoid production. Terpenes are responsible for alot of the complex (And enjoyable) flavours that cannabis produces. Some of the most intense flavours are produced on the "downslope" of cannabis's life cycle. My personal experience with this first came when i was growing GH cheese. One of the plants i harvested at 8 weeks and it tasted pretty nice and had pretty dense buds. The other i grew until about 9 1/2 weeks and it had most amazing, sour, skunky, delicious taste with rock hard buds.

    Here is my interpretation (and maybe exaggeration) of a scenario i see all too often...

    Quote:noob mcboob
    I'm a new grower and i've been reading all this great information about when its time to harvest. Theres pictures and everything!!!

    Look at my trichs, they look nice and milky with a touch of amber just like the ones in the picture that says its harvest time now!!!

    So i just have one question....

    Does this look ready to you?

    That plant is 4 weeks into 12/12. Granted not all of the trichomes are that far along. And most people arent going to harvest weed that looks like this. But my point with this is that you have to look at the big picture. Stop being so scientific and start being practical.
    I'm not anti knowledge, i just cant stand these "rules" that more often than not lead people down the wrong path.
    Lets cut through the bullshit and spread good information in a way that is not so absolute. Or at very least explain the growth stages of cannabis making sure to mention that the pistils should have receded back into the bud before you chop. Regardless of trichome colour.

    If I could offer one piece of advice on picking the right time to harvest, it's all about watching the pistils. Not so much the colour, but the movement. They should have receded into the bud and the seed bracts should be swollen.

    It should look less like this

    And more like this.

    Trust me when I say, it is worth the excruciating wait.[/quote]
  14. Hey GC Glad to know people are still replying

    i know how to tell when it ripe just wasnt really sure how much longer its gonna take to get there, starting to get hot in the tent Thank again

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