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How Long Till Harvest?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by PunkNDrublic, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to see if any expiereanced growers might know how long I have left? 7 weeks into flowering.

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  2. What color are the trichomes? Based off the pistil hairs I'd guess they are all clear still. Its kinda difficult to tell you an exact date but I'd guess about 3 more weeks. More info would help.
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    Trichs are all milky on the top buds. They have about 20-30% red hairs on the biggest ones. It's an 8-9 week strain in DWC/400w HPS/MH, just seein when would be the proper time to cut? more amber trichs? more red hairs?
  4. 17 days, 21hrs, 34mins 05seconds....till lift off!

    hahaha, j/k... Dup nailed it - go by the trichs bro! It's what makes the 'experienced harvester' experienced to begin with! Gotta look at the right thing to know when to yank em ya know?

    If you're unable to get a micro then I'd say wait 2 more weeks and begin 1 branch every 2-3 days...based on how sexy that plant looks I sincerely hope you have clones...

    By harvesting this way you will be able to literally smoke the quality of the harvest and will easily identify which branch is 'the best'. Then you know exactly how many days from flipping the lights to pulling the lady....
  5. Bahaha - was typing at the same time as you were replyin'.

    Sounds like ya already have the basics of it down with the trichs (apologies, wasn't sure).

    So do the branch harvest method.... unless ya need it all in a single batch. Just make damn sure to mark the date on each branch as the days pass. Nothing worse than finding the smoke of your dreams only to realize ya have no idea when ya pulled it.
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    Thanks for the reply Klutter. I do plan to do the branch harvesting method and i'll be sure to put a date w/ the buds I pull. It's all just for me where I don't have to spend a good portion of my paycheck to find something worth smoking. My clones are at a buddies under 10 cfl's- strain is violator kush i think.
  8. thanks for the chart chunkdaddyo. I was looking for one of those forever!
  9. Its all good PND.......cool handle by the way. Nice looking bombs, what strains ya workin with there?
  10. Violator Kush... sounds righteous!
  11. Yep. NOFX fan since I was 12. Violator Kush is the strain and hopin to cross breed her with my friends JH male near the end. Crossing my fingers though.
  12. from what i see its about 2 weeks or so. get ready to flush next week
  13. Should I go w/ a 7 or 10 day flush? they had some nute burn two weeks ago when I changed out my reservior. Does it matter?
  14. 3 days really isnt going to do a huge thing but it does help a little. 10 days is fine. You should of flushed when you got the nute burn anyway.

    good luck and just water in a week will be fine.
  15. you might have 3 weeks left. it all depends on the high you want , trichomes , Strain , % of red hairs etc
  16. Thanks for the replys mjboy. I'll definitely flush for 10 days just to be safe. Going for the 50/50 type of high so i'll keep my microscope handy. Thanx:hello:
  17. no problem. in a week or so post another pics and we can give more info :wave:

  18. LOOKING FOR THIS, THANKS :hello::D:smoke:

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