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    Can someone tell me when this will be done? I was told In another thread I made that it would only be another month or so that was about a month ago and they don't look done to me. Any help? And yeah I know some have nute burn I let the water level get too low and burned from concentration of nutes. I've been watching the crystals with 60-100x microscope and most clear some cloudy none I've seen have any amber.

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  2. How long total have you been in flower? To me it doesn't look done yet. And I crystals are still looking clear it must need longer.
  3. It's been in flower since before January, but they had to catch up with the other AK-47 I had in there which was started flowering about December 21+- 2012, and I saw buds on my ak on New Years image-1657209636.jpg . I know it's not done cuz it's pistils havnt turned orange, I have a feeling this one will get big, hasn't showed any signs of slowing down, so that's good. Any time frame for when it will be done? And also I did see some seeds in these PK.

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  4. On yours though- I'm still a beginner but three months in almost on your plants....they should be almost done I'd think- but they still seem to be "just flowering" sending white hairs out an all. What fertilizer are you using?
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    Nova liquid nute products. I stopped using nutes last 2 weeks, there was still too much in the Rez and seems to still be in there also running out of nova bloom, I had a friend and his friend test the PK out, and they couldn't stop laughing so it good but I want it to get bigger since I'm not gonna have any till end of summer so it has to last(just too hot to do it inside in summer). And it's had white hairs for some time now just hasn't seen much slowinnin growth yet I checked again today and its starting to on the lower branches.

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