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  1. Today marks 8 weeks in. Trying to figure out when i need to start flushing. I approximate another 2 weeks or so.

    Green Crack:Smells delicious and is super frosty. Also has a few double heads as seen here and even a triple headed bud.[​IMG]

    Afghan Kush:Smells Great and Colas are super fat. [​IMG]
  2. Those look like they are 8 weeks from seed, not 8 weeks into flower. How many weeks of 12/12? I'd say ~ 4 more weeks.
  3. yes 8 weeks flowering. these bastards are about 3.5 ft. Sorry cant get a good pic from the whole plant, too many in my tent.
  4. Are you using nutes? Do you have a good light? Looks like week 4.
  5. adv nutes and 600 watts of hps. Il see if i can get better pics in a minute
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    Not sure if these pictures will help or not. I have 5 total plants in this 4x4 grow tent with a 440 cfm exhaust fan. 1 400 watt hps and a 175 watt MH bulb in a 250 watt ballast. The rest were starting flower differnt time, or the reg plant i have thats in the back all big and tall but taking forever and EVER to flower. The first plant afghan kush has like 4 or 5 nice colas that are fat [​IMG][​IMG]the second, Green Crack has alot of small dense buds all over.[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Man that lighting is just playing tricks on my eyes. I can't really tell still. One looks more ready than the other though, that I can tell. Its the green crack.
  8. i think its this crappy amount of lighting and what not. next grow will definitely consist of more lights. At least 1000 watts if not 1200. The Plants Bud way more(obviously, stupid me) closer to the 400 watt hps vs the 175 watt MH. I guess for now il suffer through untill next grow.
  9. Have you checked the trichs at all with a pocket microscope? I'd agree that they look like they need another 4 weeks or so.
  10. yep, lots of cloudy tris....

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