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How long til I can pass DT?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FLIGHT6, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. I've been drinking water and green tea for about a week with no bud at all.

    I drink a couple bottles of water and about a bottle of green tea everyday.

    I'm about 215 lbs and 6ft.

    How much longer til I can pass a DT?

    Any tips for clearing my system?
  2. well your overweight, so itll take longer, ide say over 3 weeks to be safe... you dont drink nearly enough for it to be effective... (your supposed to have 8 glasses a day anyways!)
  3. you'll want to be drinking at least a gallon a day, which really isn't that difficult..
  4. oh and I smoked every night, but just once for about a few months.

    I'm not overweight.
  5. lol when are people going to stop posting these?? There is a huge thread that is stickied on how to pass DT's, and nobody can tell you how long it is going to take. It will be different for every person based on their body and the detox methods they use.
  6. Anytime between right now, and a few weeks from now.

    Glad we could narrow it down for you. :smoking:
  7. according to the charts, at 6' ideal body weight is 160 - 196 lbs, therefore you are about 19 pounds overweight, according to the charts that is...

    anyway, denial aside, you should be drinking a shitload of water and exercising and that'll get the THC-COOH metabolites out of your system and you'll lose weight too.
  8. do as barfdog says, continue with green tea, but dont buy bottles of like arizona, go for tea bags and drink a cup in the morning, and one as close to lunch as you can manage, try and drink a glass of cranberry juice a day (one glass should be good) and remember... dont piss the bed, lol.

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