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How long til I can harvest my plant ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by spyknife, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I am wondering how long before I can harvest my sativa, and was hoping you guys could help.Check out the pictures.

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  2. you got awhile
  3. roughly how long do you reckon ? a month ? two months ?
  4. Personally I'd say 6 weeks they appear to be in the third week ? So yea a good 6 left
  5. between Halloween and Thanksgiving is about as good of a guess as I can give ya man.
  6. Ok, I have decided to give it the chop on the 24th October 2011, then dry it til the 11/11/11 when I plan to smoke some of it.Problem is I live in London and winter is fast approaching.I believe by November it will be bitterly cold.
  7. That gives it 4 more weeks to grow.
  8. Good deal thats my dead line ill be just finishing 9 weeks granted all ends well.

  9. unless you are already very familiar with the plants life cycle and weeks to maturity then it wouldnt be very prudent to pre-set a harvest date. so many factors can speed up or slow down growth that you really just need to watch the crystallin development of the trichomes. wait at least till they whiten good and develope very rounded bulbs of resin on them and youll be in phat city! you can let them even turn a little amber and its even better imoo. there are methods to produce more crystall structure but many will require special attention and cautions. such as uvb light exposure or chemicals that require raising your lights a foot or so, you can burn the shit out of the leaves and your energy storage and receptors can cease to function and early harvest will be inevitably the result with immature buds. i dont think id mess with any of this till your well schooled. the pics are to far out to show me much. but beond that you seem to have healthy plants. get a very high resolution magnifier and watch the crystals for maturity. youll be smokin soon im sure! i think i will right now! im outta here! -D-
  10. Damn, you lot and your plants are putting me to shame.I gotta say this is my first attempt at growing.But I get your drift I will be more patient.The end result will be worth it !
    I am just looking forward to smoking a fat one one on xmas eve and new years eve !!!
  11. Are you, like me, growing weed in anticapation for 11/11/11 because of the realse of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

    Haha, IMa need plenty of weed when that comes out.
  12. Personally I was thinking Modern Warfare 3.Gotta have a joint while murdering the enemy.11/11/11 is marked as a sacred day in my mind for some weird reason.
    Anyways I am just trying to be patient now, gotta wait another month at least for the bitch to hit puberty.Best think I reckon would be not to think about cannabis at all.
    I am now wondering how much the plant will produce, anyone know ? Im hoping 1-2 ounces at least.
  13. an ounce or two

    she is potassium deficient( maybe from pH in soil..), so get some kelp.

    [ame=] Nature's Solution Sea Kelp 1 Lb: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
  14. Man she is deficient in all areas! I have spent next to nothing on this plant.
    No fertilisers,no soil (just bog standard soil),no lights - apart from the sun,minimum size pot. I dont think that at this stage of the cycle "kelp" would not help.
    Besides thats the US version of amazon and I reside in the UK.
    Next year though, I plan to do it the proper way !
  15. Get some dark molasses (blackstrap preferably) and mix a couple of tbl spoons per gallon of water. It will thicken up those nugs.
  16. by molasses he means treacle. 79p - I got some and my buds grew, no shit... 79p isn't much! nice to see such a clear sativa, and remember, if it does get cold, keep her roots warm if she's in a pot

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