How long til harvest?

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  1. how long til harvest? thanks!

  2. Hey dude I know it's super attempting to really wait until there's no white hairs left and they all have receded in and pay itself off in quality and quantity :) im week 7 of veg Screenshot_20170207-005809.png 2017-02-06-05-21-01.jpg
  3. ☆When in doubt wait a week ☆ id sat u have 3ish weeks left. Keep eye on trichs nothing worse then early harvested bud. Heart racy , paranoia shit. Clear trichs
  4. okay yea i see lots of white hairs but not actually any bud yet i dont thinks so i got a ways to go
  5. Yes buddy 3weeks+ be patient get a scope so u can see this. Radio shack.. 12$ 20161006_140138.jpg 20161001_204402.jpg 20161006_140117.jpg
  6. Let em.go cloudy n amber. If u see amber. Let go as long as u want ''stonier' couch lock sleep aid
  7. Those budsare way early man! *asI'm looking more* let ur hard work pay off. Let em swell n plump w resin. Whsts ur lighting? Cfl by n e chance they look like cfl spaced nodes n leaves lol.
  8. Or a "low end " blue n mostly red LED light? Jus asking as a question not to be a dick lol. I'm jus wondering i had many cfl grows that didn't live up to expectations. Once i git serious w airflow n stuff indoors. I took off
  9. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum
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    Look up harvest info .. the hairs. Trichomes, N swollen calyxes tell u all. FOR SURE the trich's. U want mostly icy colored opaque cloudy heads.. then turn amber when degredation to CBN occurs. The more u let it go amber. The more "narcotic" body stone when u key em go more amber. I never go over 25‰ amber to opaque ratio... There's a two weekish period where each pheno had its own 'perfect harvest window' early buds suck.. n late over ripe ones jus make u sleep. Lol all preference really until u start to LOSE THC really
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  11. Vipar is a great beginner light n ur doing great. What turned me off about v vipar is it's Two main spike in red n blue spectrum. No it no UV. No white it or orange it looked. At least on model I looked at. Not r hating! I spreadd love. Not hate. But I like to see people succeed. Spend the extra. It pays. One hobbyist to another. But if u invest in ONE PLATINUM P300 YOU'LL PULL n easy QP+ in 2x2 scrog.. last grow w one p300 in 2x2x4

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  12. This is what i just bought
    Putting 150W HPS Bulb in it

    and how much you predict i can get from my grow? thanks

  13. Nice. I'm way more sold on COB n Good LEDs low heat. Amazing. The efficiency is beyond insane. If I could afford to vent a HPS I get a 150 supplemental too man! LEDs are doing me good
  14. Yea idk if i should get this? should i cancel it and get another LED? Is the PLATINUM P300 really that good? I have a 300w LED in the photo above and it was only $90 the PLATINUM P300 is $369
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  15. Dude p300 will get u 150g dry in 2x2x4 trained right. That was my first tent grow ever dude!!
  16. Dude. Stay w leds. Try out COB. Chip on board. Huge site watt 50- 100 watt phosphor coated diodes at! Working amazing fur me
  17. Its no doubt the future of lighting. Horticulture too!
  18. Cxb3590s

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  19. get what u pay fur! I promise dude. Jus wanna spread the knowledge
  20. I wont probably get the timber grow lights this time.. But maybe next time. I jus twanna know why the p300 is $369 but the vipr 300w is $89

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