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How long should you hold smoke in your lungs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Yzurri, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. After how many seconds is all the THC absorbed in your lungs and holding in the smoke longer doesn't matter?
  2. From what i've looked at on this forum, 5 seconds gets you pretty much all the thc you'll get of the hit.
  3. 5-6 seconds and you'll feel alrite :D
  4. Around 5 seconds should do you just fine ;)
  5. 5 secs? I guess I have bigger lungs....We used to play a game doing what we called "cocktails", which was a bong hit of thai stick weed with a drop of hash oil on it and you had to take the hit, pull it thru, and hold it until there was no smoke when you blew out. Try that three times! If you coughed it out, you were out and didn't get anymore that night....we usually got pretty baked playing this game...
  6. a second or two is fine.. anything more and your just holding your breath for no real reason..
  7. I think you absorb most of the thc within 5 to 6 seconds. My friends and I used to play a game as well, cept we would take a hit and you couldn't exhale till the pipe gets back to you. Its not too hard starting out, but once people get stoned and start spacing out your screwed.
  8. I like to count to four, that's usually a solid amount of time. Its enough to keep the smoke in your lungs so when you open your mouth to talk your hit doesn't pour out
  9. From what I have heard, three to five seconds is the cut off. Anything after that is just killing brain cells.
  10. i actually have a question regarding this. I have asthma, and everytime i take an inhaler the doc always tells me to hold my breath for 10 seconds before i exhale.

    Why is that? Everyone always says hold ur hit in for 4-6 secs, why does the doc tell me 10 seconds?

    do u absorb the active components out of smoke faster so u only have to hold for 5 seconds?
  11. usually when a blunt gets small enough we play a game called chicago, its where u hit the blunt twice and exhale when it gets back to you. its pretty fun.
  12. The contents of your inhaler and your weed are probably a little different and probably have slightly different absorption rates...

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