how long should the plants be in the different stages? (veg, flowering)

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  1. For example how long should it be in veg state before I turn it to the floweing state?
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    Personally i would have it in clone for 1 week, grow for 2 weeks, with 18 hours of light and 6 dark, then go into bloom for 8 weeks with 12 hours of light and 12 dark , the last week flushing with pure water.

    but everyone has different preferences :)
  3. Put it in veg till it is half the height you want it to be in the end. It will double it's size in flowering
  4. All a matter of choice on when to put in flower you can start it at 12/12 from seed. The longer in veg the bigger the plant will be. How long it will be flowering for will depend on the strain you grow just check out the breeders info to find that.

    Indicas will have shorter flower while Sativas will have longer. :smoke:
  5. Okay thanx guys, so if I wanted to do 24/0 do I start that right when I buy the clone? (I think ima start with a clone) but if I don't after I germinate the seeds and put them in the soil do I start with 24/0?

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