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how long should it take to feel it? please help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by thatgoodjamaican, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. i am a new smoker and i've only smoked twice. when i smoke, i dont feel anything at first, then i keep waiting for something to happen, how long should it take for me to feel high if i take say 3 hits fairly close to one another. also, how do i know if i'm high, how do you first feel when the weed starts kicking in?

  2. Just hit it till you feel it
  3. i feel it almost always instantly after i exhale unless it's a creeper strain which takes like 5 to 10 minutes. sounds like you are not inhaling right though. breath in air after you take the hit and while the smoke is in your mouth forcing the smoke into your lungs. 
  4. You will definitely know when you are high. I usually feel it within 5 minutes but my when i first started it took like 10-15. Just take a couple more hits and enjoy
  5. keep smoking young one 
  6. I didn't feel it until like the 12th time I smoked with my buddies for the first 12 times. They all got high but I didn't. I guess it really just depends from person to person.
  7. The first few times I smoked I never really felt it.  I probably wasn't inhaling correctly though lol.
    It all depends on the potency of the weed you are smoking and if you are correctly smoking it.  Make sure you aren't just pulling the smoke into your mouth - you need to inhale it into your lungs in order for it to get into your bloodstream.
  8. Alright what I did was is before I hit it I would breath heavily inhale exhale inhale exhale etc. then I would inhale exhale then put my lips on the whatever your smoking and take one of those inhales then do one of those exhales lol. I'm high so don't bother if this sound dumb because it will no matter what
  9. Like 5 minutes. We don't need to tell you how you'll know. You'll just know.
  10. Aaah those fucking creepers.
    *finishing the j*Fuck I'm not high at all
    *some time later* Guys I gotta sit down
  11. Basically what the blades above were saying about inhaling, make sure you do it properly!!
    I got high my first time within 5 minutes of smoking so I was never one of those who had to smoke several times before feeling anything; I was built for reefer consumption. However I had been smoking cigs for several months already prior to trying marijuana so I knew how to smoke. Thankfully I ended up quitting cigs nearly a year ago, so now reefer is the only smoke for these lungs!

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