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How long should it last??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BezerkBlizzy, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I just bought a half O about 15 min ago...its legit and its decent bud, but anyways---

    I plan on "lending" 5 g's away to make some money back, but the leftovers i plan on stretching out over the course of the weekend and part of next week.

    How long will this last in a plastic bag?? will it be ok in about a week or should i move it to some other holding container???

    Thanks GC! Keep tokin!!!! :smoke:
  2. ur definitely going to need a jar for a WEEK

    Or else it wont get you high anymore
  3. I bought an O last summer and kept it in a sealed bag for about 4 weeks. Just use a zip-lock bag or something that can be sealed and it should be fine.
  4. Ummm, what? I once made a quarter last for like 1.5 months and it got me high to the very last day in a regular zip bag.
  5. i can only assume you're being sarcastic...?

    bud will be just fine in a baggie for a week. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if the bud you just bought spent the last several weeks getting from the grower to you in the same bag. never the less, if you are really that concerned just get yourself a mason jar. keep it in a cool, dark place. if you want to preserve the bud for even longer, like several months or a year, buy a cheap vacuum pump for mason jars (20$). i've got bud from 2 years ago stored this way and it's as potent and fresh as the day it was harvested. :)
  6. I have pretty much the same question and didn't want to make a new thread... i smoke a few times a week and just bought a half o. this is my first time having this much weed and its a lot cheaper and more convenient than picking up a dime every other time i want to smoke.

    anyway, it's gonna last me a couple of months at least.. and it's decent weed too... will a mason jar keep it potent till april or may?

    Yeah i have a low tolerance, lol i've been smoking regularly for about a year and a half, and a gram of high mids will still get me ripped 3 times. I can't complain lol

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