how long should i wait to lst after repotting?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by dude1, May 28, 2010.

  1. planted my 2 plants into bigger pots in FOX FARM OCEAN FOREST! thats right! i hope it turns out great and female!

    1 strain looks very sativa and the other is vey indica so i hope the'yre both female and get the best of both worlds. and i brushed off like half in inch of the old soil because of gnat problems.

    and should i start typing them down at the 3rd node?
  2. Anywhere from the 3rd to 5th node is fine, but give the plants a good week or week and a half after a transplant, the combined stress of the transplant and the LST together could cause the plants to turn hermi.
  3. alright. cant wait to lst and see my baby bush! first time doing it.
  4. If you want a super bush you should do a 4 way LST there is a thread on it, just look to the top of the page
  5. how long should i wait to TOP?? repotted yesterday, and they look normal today. its on developing its 4th node so tell me quick!!!
  6. well 4th node is there, 5 would be the one i would TOP!! so wait a week or nah? im anxious to cut the top!
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    You can go ahead and top the fifth one when it is tall enough. it'll take a week or so after that before it's all ready to start LST, are you growing indoor or outdoor?
  8. indoor. yeah i just topped the 5th

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