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How long should I veg....

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by maseta420, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Before i flower. I have 65 plants vegging under 2 hps 1000 w now dimmed at 750. in a 5 x 10 grow tent im planning on moving half of these babies into a tent with the same set up for flowering.33 approx. per tent. How long should i veg before i flower to get maximum yeild for the space im working with ? here are some pictures.

  2. For the number of plantz you have? You will need more lightz and a ton of more space! Try no more then 12-15 a thouy? Even then, after veg.. the plantz will triple in size? Your gurlz look happy! Do a quick veg.. and flip'em!
  3. I would flip them now. Chances are they will fill out pretty nice. If you want a bit more veg time next time, you'll know. You don't want them to pack too tightly or buds will touch and you'll end up with a tent full of mold.

    growing is an experiment
  4. im gunna use 4 1000 w for all the babies u c divided into 2 tents of 5 x 10 with 2 1000 w lights in each. how tall should they be before i start blooming.
  5. I would wait til they are about 12-15" tall, take some strong cuttingz for the next cycle and flip'em!
  6. you might want to try 600w two will do better for your lighting then one 1000 w plus youll have to points of light that you can put closer to your canopy a 600 w hps has the best lumens per watt as well
  7. ok ill do 14 inches thanks for the reply
  8. i'd go 13.5 myself
  9. With that many plants I would flip when they are 12-14" So, now if probably a good time.
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    I would veg for another 2 1/2-3 weeks judging by look of them.

    I would keep them all for the next 4-5 weeks until you find out the sex of the plants. Take out all the males right away and if you have more than 20 females left after 5 weeks, kill the crappiest looking ones over 20. Then get all of your females in bigger pots.

    your bulbs seem far away for being 1000 watt or am i trippn?
  11. hey my man, it looks a bit as if ur in over your head, you should have alot more experience before you have gone this big. patience is the key.....
    a plant can be held in veg state for as little or as long as you wish. i have read that plants have been kept for years in veg state. now look the larger and more developed your pants are with bibber stronger branches, obviously the more buds you're gona get.
    i would wait for the plants to get to atleast 75cms in height, if the plant will grow to about 120cm. if it will grow to 150cm i would let them reach about 100cm
    remember this is for maximum yields of the plants. when you switch to flowering stage the plants stop putting energy into growth and start growing buds, so when you switch plants will only grow 10-15cm, so be the judge
    ps. lighting system looks perfect, dont change a thing

  12. lol they are all clones. no seeds. yes they are 1 1000 watt but dimmed at 750 for now.:hello:
  13. I have a dimmer electric ballast too, however everyone I ever spoke to about dimming the light asked why? The plantz will use the light, if you are dimmin to save electric costz, think how much extra bud you will get with extra electric?

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