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How long should i vape weed for?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Ayron, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. hey GC! i recently got a vaporbros style box vaporizor. i know you can smoke weed in it for awhile but ive been smoking this same bowl for a long ass time. its brown now and its still hitting. should i smoke it till it turns black or what?
  2. vape it till you aint gonna get anymore.
  3. so like smoke it till no more vapor comes out?
  4. I'm going to jump in here and disagree, when I use my vape if I blacken it all the way it releases this REALLY REALLY shitty smell which almost makes me puke. Also when you blacken it that basically takes away all the health benefits of vaping as you're basically just burning it.

    Just take it to a medium brown.

  5. Exactly.

    If you manage to get it black in any way, that means you have the temperature set way to high. If its black that means you combusted the plant material and thus totally voided any health benefit the vape would have provided you.
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    Technically, it will keep hitting long after its worth vaping anymore. You should keep toking until its somewhere between a golden yellow-brown, and a medium brown. If its turning black, not only are you pretty much eliminating any health benefits from vaping, but your temperature is set too high. Once you've been doing it for awhile, you'll be able to tell when its time to stop just by the taste and smell of the vapor.

    Also, if you keep from burning it, and choose to stop when it turns a golden brown, you can save it and use it for cooking. Potency isn't near what fresh bud would be, but you can still use more to try and achieve similar effects, or use it along with fresh greens next time you cook.
  7. dude, you are a pussy. a little bit of smoke wont hurt you. VAPE TILL YOU CAN'T NO MORE. lol i have been vaping the same bowl since yesterday night its like black but i got no other herb and this is working fine for me!! i guess that just makes me a fiend though. hehe :)
  8. I have an ez vape i set it at 360 i can get like 10 little rips of .2 i pull the whip out and shake the same weed around and put it back and i get another 5 little rips.
  9. Yeah I agree w/ some of the people saying burn it to a light brown. But just b/ your not blowing out smoke dosnt mean your not getting a hit, you still can feel it. Thats what the guy at my headshop said and it seems like he's right,
  10. check this out: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5ZrSQ0A-KQ"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    with .5 g he got 86 hits... vs 17 hits smoked... is that legit?! seriously? i'm really skeptical
  11. I believe the term you are looking for, is vagina

    O yeah, Vape until your left with Dark Brown bits of Weed

    One of the fella's mentioned using vaped weed in edibles which, although i havent tried, sounds like an awesome idea...

    Happy Vaping:wave:
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    My spent vaped stuff is almost black, but still a bit brown when I'm done. I've leached all that can be taken out of the glorious little herb. So yeah, just keeping vaping until it's done. It can actually take a little while if you're at too low of a temperature as well. Depending on your model, adjust to your preferences.
  13. I vape mine to a dark brown consistency really. It's up to you but I wouldn't be going to black...you've really gotten pretty much all of the THC out of the bud by the time you've vaped it that far and its pretty much pointless to keep hitting it past medium-dark brown.

    The more green the hits, the more THC is in the vapors.

    So, either pack another bowl or light that brown stuff up if you just want to smoke more...
  14. I hit 0.2 grams about 20 times. Mind you 0.2 in the bong is 1 quick hit.
  15. Perfectly vaped weed is sort of yellowish... Hit it until it's a little bit brown just to make sure you got all the goodness out of it, but any more is excessive IMO.
  16. do you guys cook with vaped weed? and if so, how much do you use? i read a guy said 2x to 4x as much as normal... but i'd expect it to take more than that.

    also, how long can you keep vaped weed around? i dont smoke much, maybe once a week, so i think it'll take me a long time to collect enough to bake with... i wanna make some butter with the vaped remains though.
  17. It's really a matter of preference. If you're vaping for health reasons then stop when it is light yellow or brown. I vape more for efficiency to extract as much as I can from it, so I go until it starts to get fairly dark brown but just short of where it's burning.

  18. Yah..I'm about in the same boat. I hate vaping with friends who want to get every last drop of vapors out. Not only is it kinda pointless as far as high-furthering goes..it also makes the bowl/screen and whip nasty faster.
  19. I tend to go high on the temp range most of the time because I enjoy getting a broad range of cannabinoids, and many of the psychoactive ones have far higher boiling points than THC does (395F, but it starts to vaporize at far lower temps).

    I do sometimes use lower temps and/or not vape quite so far when I want a different buzz. Nothing beats vaping the shit out of it until almost everything is squeezed out if you want pain relief (which I often do) or a sleep aid, but when I want a nice head buzz a low temp brief vaping of some Sativa dominant stuff can't be beat :)

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