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How long should I stop smoking weed before getting wisdom teeth removed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TucoSalamanca, May 6, 2011.

  1. I've heard smoking weed before going under can have awful consequences. Does anyone have info on this?
  2. I went high when I got my wisdom teeth removed. Then again, I was awake when they did the procedure.
  3. Hardly makes a difference, just don't smoke afterwards or you'll end up with deep pockets. Google it.
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    dry sockets. not deep pockets lmao
  5. Well, and smoking causes white swelling in the back of the throat. I learned that one the hard way.

  6. Are you sure thats the same for smoking bud or is tht jus for cigs

  7. Dry sockets*

  8. its the suction
  9. Don't think it matters if you smoke before but definitely don't smoke after. I ended up getting a dry socket which lasted almost 2 weeks. I've had some pretty scary injuries in the past but this was by far the most painful experience of my life. Follow the directions that the doc gives you. FOLLOW THEM CLOSELY.

  10. I'm not too sure, but I'd assume inhaling anything excessively would affect it. Like hyperventilating too.. lol.
  11. Ya I smoked the day before the operation, no problems there. The problems begin if you dont take care of it. All in all, you know your body the best. If you feel like you can smoke then you'll be fine.
  12. thanks guys. i dont know why people spread damn rumors like that.
  13. I have nothing to add but; enjoy the percocet <3
  14. I smoked heavily before I went in to get my wisdom teeth removed on purpose. I knew it'd be painful, weed helps. After they were removed, it was impossible to smoke for like 5 days. My mouth/entire head hurt like a bitch.
  15. my advice blaze it up in the office!! bake the bathroom or something like that. then be trippin on laughing gas then suddenly wake up and still be all high wooo hoooooo extreme lol
  16. I didn't smoke 20 days before hand (i used it as an opportunity to get a T-break ) but that was mostly since I was paranoid my parents were to find out if anything were to happen with the anastesia (i was under 18 when I had mine removed ). Afterward though I would say give it 3-4 days before smoking, just enough time for your wound to start healing up. Heck if they give you T3's just pop 5-8 of those and you'll feel pretty chill. What I did until I was able to smoke again (MOST BORING TIME OFF FROM SCHOOL EVA)
  17. lmao, this is just getting better and better xD fucking awesome :hello:

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