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How long should I hold my inhale in?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by whylogic, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. When I smoke blunts I usually take a good drag, then suck / inhale in air to force it down into my lungs. I try to hold it there for as long as possible. If it's really strong or the drag hit me really hard (seed pop), then sometimes I only get about 6 seconds of hold. Normally though I try to hold it for about 10 to 20 seconds, if possible. Then I blow it all out, take a deep inhale of fresh air to clear my lungs out. Then I repeat.

    My question is this:
    I see some videos online that show people smoking, but it seems like everyone only holds it in for about 2 to 4 seconds or so. Seems like that isn't enough time for your lungs to fully absorb the THC. I'm I holding it in too long? Or maybe you get like 90% of it absorbed in the first 4 seconds, and everything after that is working towards the last 10%... maybe it's not worth it.

  2. I usually hold it in about 3 seconds , anything after that is just gonna deprive your lungs of oxygen and make you feel lightheaded.
  3. I don't really 'hold' it in. I just breath in for for like 5 seconds really deeply and breath out really slowly.
  4. 3-6 seconds is perfect, you will get all the THC you possibly can in that amount of time.

    Don't hold in for like 20 seconds, it doesn't get you higher but you may pass out :)
  5. 3-5 seconds. anything longer is just robbing your brain of oxygen (which kills brain cells)
  6. I always hold my hits at least 10 secs.
  7. Like others said anything from 3-5 secs. I've read multiple places that holding smoke hits in for 10+ secs causes lots of shit to buildup on the inside of your lungs...definitely not something I want lol. But that's only for smoke hits. For vape hits you can basically hold them in as long as you want/can..
  8. Never hold smoke in your lungs fir longer then 5 seconds.
    Any longer then that is only allowing your lungs to absorb more tar.

    This myth is old: holding in smoke longer won't get you higher.
  9. I usually hold it in for 3 seconds. Not strictly, but thats why i like my zong. The water DOES clean up the smoke qite a bit, but you do lose a bit of THC in the water.
    You body will absorb ALL of the THC in 3-5 seconds, and then begin taking in more tar.
  10. Thanks for all the advice. I'm switching to a Volcano, so there's no tar / bad stuff to be absorbed like smoking.

    I guess the rationale behind 3 to 5 seconds is that the vapor / smoke will (by that duration) have enough time to complete coat the inside surface of your lungs with as much as it can... anything longer than 5 seconds is not really going to do much because your lungs are already thoroughly coated after the first 5 seconds anyways.

    Did I get that right?

    If so, then the 3 to 5 second rule would also apply to vapes as well, right?
  11. its like asking a weight lifter "how many reps?". whatever gets you the highest. just hold in till you feel you need to exhale.
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    A volcano?
    Did you do your research on vapes?? Check out fuckcombustion.com
    It's a forum dedicated to vaporizers/vaporizing

    And your wrong. Vapor and smoke are completly different.
    Unlike smoke, holding in vapor longer will get you higher. Since it takes longer for your body to absorb vapor, and since there's no bad smoke, holding if in won't hurt you.
    With vapor, you should aim for small light hits that you can hold in your lungs until nothing is exhaled.
  13. Yes, a volcano. And yes, I did about 10 hours of research before buying a volcano. Many websites and online videos, etc. I'm NOT an expert, merely a complete novice, thus me posting in the Apprentice Tokers forum.

    You say I'm WRONG as if I put my foot down and declared I know everything. I was merely thinking out loud and explicitly in a questioning manner, at that. I'm trying to wrap my head around all the differing posts here, that's all.

    With 7k+ posts, I think I'm going to take your word on this subject, as you clearly have been around a few.

    Thanks for your post, it was ultimately helpful.
  14. 5.47 seconds...

    Cold, hard, fact.
  15. Hold it for around 6 seconds.

    Its the best time because all the THC is absorbed, your not going to have any unwanted tar in your lungs and if your with your friends, you look good. :wave:
  16. Yeah I've heard 95% of the THC is absorbed into the lungs within the first few seconds. I was first brought up thinking the longer you hold the smoke in the higher you get but I did some research a while ago and stopped doing that. Just don't quote me for this.:bongin:
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    Not trying to sound like a bitch or anything but you did ask if you got it right, but I said you got it wrong. 10 hours of research? Huh. That's not enough IMO, go back and do some more research.
    How is it better then other bag vapes?
  18. Yup; from everything I read they say you absorb all the THC within 3-6 seconds. I've never seen a source for this information but what the hey.

    I do a 10-count in my head to make sure I got it all and also to exhale so I dont hold the smoke too long.
  19. 4.20 seconds.
  20. sweet spot for me is between 5-7 seconds.

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