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How long should I go on a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TyroneMane, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. So I've decided to go on a tolerance break for a few reasons. My tolerance has always been EXTREMELY low but recently, it takes me a lot longer to get high and I don't get as high. How long should I go on a break to where I can tell a significant difference in my tolerance? I was thinking two weeks but I would like your opinions. BTW, I'm about 6 foot tall and 130 pounds. Also, any tips on helping it go down faster would be helpful
  2. I'm 6 foot 145, 24 years old with a very high metabolism and I've smoked regularly since I was 15.
    I take two-three day breaks every few weeks to a month and I notice a dramatic difference the first two days, then it's pretty much back to normal. I'd say a week would put me pretty clean and ready for serious easy baking. But, haven't quit for that long in a while lol
  3. Yeah lol I have a high metabolism too. I use to get so fucking high though from just a few bong hits. I want it to be like that again
  4. Just quit for a week. I really doubt you'll be disappointed
  5. Anybody else? lol
  6. once or 2 times a year i take a month off.

    after that my tolerence is about 0.

    If i stop only 4-5 days, its not long enough. After the month off, i can really taste and feel the weed at 120% and this feeling last 2-3 weeks, each time i smoke.

    If i stop only a couple day, the tolerence come back very fast.

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  7. How often do you smoke?
  8. Around 2-3g a day

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  9. Damn.. see I only smoke almost once everyday
  10. you can try a week, you will see from there :)

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  11. I'm probably gonna try to make it 2 weeks. It's only day 4 and I already want to smoke bad lol
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  12. im in a break too, day 1 lol

    i have 5 black widow auto plants growing, in the flowering stage. I will smoke when my plants will be ready, probably early september :)

    I spent too much money on the street with dealers, now i will smoke only what i grow. This way i will keep my money :)

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