How long should I cure for?

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  1. Chopped them down at the beginning of December, dried for a week, been curing for about 5 days. My question is:
    Do I need to cure for the full 3+ weeks even if these buds are kind of fluffy?
    Dry weight came to 135 grams or 4.7 ounces

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  2. I do the 7,7,7.
    7 days,70°, 70%rh,

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    3-6 month's, you can smoke after 30 days. However to get full terpene profile takes a bit longer. Most cannabis cup winners have a 6 month cure. May consider upgrading light and stop the fluff, also need humidity packs and air tight container's to cure. Or humidity will drop below a curable %.

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  4. Stoner cure them. Smoke them once dry. Continue to smoke them . Whatever is in the baggy will continue to cure when you smoke it all up. Smoke it dont get into the hype that its going to be that much better sitting for months . Enjoy it
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  5. 10 week cure. That is my flower window and I'll need my jars empty again so shake all the bud for kief and the jars are ready for refilling.

  6. I think a lot of the time, the distinction between "curing" and "drying" are not very clear. If you drag out your drying time, you probably don't need to cure. The idea is to decay chlorophyll without degrading the THC's. Personally to me, a week and 5 days is probably not ideal. Most people I think shoot for the drying time to last at least 10-14 days by itself. Most people I know don't care about "curing", they just start smoking, however as noted, the best profile will come out from curing. Again, you probably want to take as long as possible. As far as how long is too long, I think the idea that 6 months is necessary is maybe too long. A lot of chemicals will decay well within a year, so I would probably shoot for 4 months. But unless you are a "connoisseur" you probably won't really notice the difference between "dried" and "cured" bud.
  7. only when you stop coughing is it done
  8. dont try curing in those baggies they leak moisture get glass jars and just smoke as you go i save my tops for like 2 months cure but the little stuff can be used asap
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  9. how many plants was that just 1?
  10. I suggest that anyone who thinks properly drying and curing your harvest doesn't make a difference.. You may want to do some further research and possibly read this book.
    Terpenes: The Magic in Cannabis
    By Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D.

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  11. The whole dry and cure topic isn't a one size fits all imo. For example some ppl say 5 days dry some say 14...if you leave those airy buds out for 14 days they will be crisper than re-fried chicken and no moisture left for any cure to happen. If your buds are super dense, 5 days would leave too much moisture and when it's time to cure, you'll be growing again, mold that is. You have to find a balance between your bud, ambient temperature and humidity, and time. Me or anyone else telling you guidelines for your dry and cure is as helpful as us telling you how long your plant has to go after it sprouts. Sure there are "rules of thumb" but they can vary due to different circumstances. I'm not discrediting any of the vets that are saying how they do their D&C but keep in mind that that works for their plants, and their climate.
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  12. my dry is never more than 7 days at 65% and 60F usually around 5 i trim them and put them in big containers then burp them until they are ready for jars but everyones grow is not the same Number 1 ! rule dont overdry! number 2 dont get mold number 3 keep them in the dark with air exchange constant
  13. I just noticed that your buds look covered in white hair did you chop early? did you check the trichomes?
  14. you are probably going to lose 25% more weight how long did you flower?
  15. That was 2 plants; I underestimated how much they would stretch and therefore left way too much growth down low, hence the fluffy stuff.

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  16. A quality light will give dense buds down to medium. May not matter, usually doesn't to newer growers, I was the same. Eventually I realized if I can do the same exact thing I was currently doing but obtain better quality and more quantity just by providing a better light source for me that was a better option.
  17. it really is all about the light very hard to grow dense buds with inadequate lighting
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  18. i leave a lot of larf on my plants too but i use that to make butter my first grow was 2 plants under a 400 watt hps i yielded around 6 ounces and it was pretty fluffy too but i was happy i made it to harvest now you can step up your game i would shoot for at minimum 4 ounces per plant or it is not worth the effort IMO
  19. Believe me I know I tried everything but spend what I consider alot of money for a light. Including buying or wasting money rather on many cheaper lights. Until I finally saved up for almost a year to buy a ROI-e720. If HLG had a bar style light I would have went that route, I personally like the idea of the same amount of light covering the edges vs mostly center and taping off to edges. At the end lost 1,000$ on lights alone not considering soil, nutrients energy bill etc. plus several years of garbage weed. Why I'm so adamant with new growers, I almost stopped growing. Of course I've smoked for 25 years and knew what good bud was and what I was growing wasnt good bud. Only positive is it doesn't take much to veg, I have veg lights for days lol.

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