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  1. Ok, so I've had my plant on 12/12 since the beginning, and I was curious as to how long I should expect to wait for flowering to begin after the plant shows it's sex.

    I see the little white hairs (pistils?) so I know it's a female. How much longer before flowering begins?

    Thanks for any help guys!
  2. How old are the plants?
  3. What do you mean they were on 12/12 since the begining? did you put them on 12/12 right when they sprouted? did you even give them vegtime or what? mine vegged for a month and a half and took 2 and a half weeks to show sex/show some buds.
  4. They were on 12/12 since they sprouted. I can't remember exactly when I planted it, a week or two before August I think.
  5. you need to put them on 24 hour or 18/6 hour cycle for vegging. This allows the plant to grow bigger. Consider it the baby/teenage stage before it reaches your desired height. Then put it on 12/12 for flowering.
  6. No, I don't. Sorry, but if you put them on 12/12 from sprouting then they take the minimum amount of veg time before going into flowering. Yes, I know it affects the yeild but that doesn't bother me at this point since it's a test grow.

    So can anyone answer the actual question:

    How long after showing sex can I expect flowering to begin?

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