How long on this Durban Poison?

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  1. Hi

    I have a Durban Poison (Dutch Passion) growing in the southern hemisphere... I have no idea how far along it is.

    I sampled it on March 1st (vape) and the effects are already amazing, but I feel like maybe this has 1-3 more weeks left in it?

    I read on one guide for southern hemisphere that it finishes in March, but another said April, so I have no clue.

    Sorry for the ugly cropping.

    Random bud:
    3 (bud).jpg
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  2. I'd wait until 80% of your pistils turn orange/brown and recede back into your calyx. When they recede into the calyx your going to increase the size of your bud. Harvesting early you'll lose about 20% of your harvest weight.
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  3. yup, you have time still for her to firm up. She looks great, very healthy and I'm diggin the yellow fade. All organic?
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  4. Appreciate you both! That's what I figured... that I'm still waiting for "The Fattening" :D

    Yep all organic no till, luckily super healthy all the way through and already smells/tastes great and high is great, can't wait for the finish! My best plant so far in the past few years, pretty happy.

    Thanks again seriously appreciate it.
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  5. Agree with other posters, still some time to go.
    Might keep smoke testing her every so often. There are some strains where the trichs never turn amber. I have one strain that we usually shop at 9 weeks, but we have let her go as long 16+ and still no amber trichs. Have heard about DP being similar in some cases. Basically, harvest when you like the smoke, or she gives other cues that she is done.
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  6. If I must... :)

    Thank you, will start looking at trichomes soon and pay attention to that for sure.
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  7. On a sativa dominant strain like Durban poison you may not see many amber trichomes. If you do it will likely take another 5-6 weeks based on your pictures. I judge sativa's by the pistils changing color and receding into the calyx. Your plant will also use less water when she closes in on the finish line.
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    2 weeks 3 days 17 hrs 23 seconds, or tommorow (if the trics change)??? I look for other clues as well as the trics. the plant leaning like unable to support itself, many of those leaves should turn pale & some drop? great pics btw :thumbsup: my 2 cents worth if U R gonna let it go longer, keep a close eye out for mildew.
  9. I'm going thru 3/4 lb of DB I grew last year, 80%thc 20% CBD.
    I like it , it's an upper and an appetite suppressor . I didn't know about the appetite suppressor ,but after reading about it, i realized my appetite was less.
    Like timj said, the amber trics are few and I used hardly any h20 in the end, ..nice looking grow bud :thumbsup:
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  10. thanks everyone, I posted an outdoor grow journal with this and 3 other plants to hopefully id some of them that are unknown etc, figured I'd consolidate

    appreciate all the help here, really excited to know what to look for now
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  11. It looks completely done to me I'd get to manicuring And curing it and blazing it asap. And duuuuude good jobb on that Durban Poison Broooooo. Big time...... That plant IS. THE. Chronic.

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