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How long of a tolerance break should I take?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by eldiablito, May 25, 2017.

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    So over the course of a year, my weed use and tolerance has gotten pretty high, to the point where I don't enjoy it as much. I used to get really intense visual and mental effects before I smoked regularly, but now I just feel almost numb to it, like I'm only getting a slight buzz. For the past year I've been smoking daily and for the last like 5 months it's been 2, or more rarely 3, times a day most of the week. I definitely get the relaxation, and enjoy things more than usual, but I miss the days of being able to lose myself in my thoughts and feel tingles throughout my body. I've gotten so dependent that it really started fucking up my appetite, mood, and just made me an unproductive (and smelly) person (not to mention the ridiculous amount of money I've been spending on it).
    This is the first voluntary tolerance break I'm taking (I usually only take breaks when I'm home from college because I can't smoke at home and/or don't have connects here) in an effort to lower my tolerance, but I'm not sure how long I need. The longest I've gone recently without smoking was 9 days, and after I smoked again I definitely felt it more and got high quicker, but it was still not as intense as before I was a daily smoker. I also took a 7-day break recently while on a trip, but the week made almost no difference, but I think that's because I was smoking like three times a day for a couple weeks before the trip.
    Anyway, I'm planning on trying out three weeks and am wondering if that'll be enough. Some information that I think is important to mention is: I usually smoke high quality bud and in a bong (usually takes about a bowl for me to feel it, but I can smoke up to three alone), I'm overweight (5'8" and about 250 lb) and I know THC is stored in fat so I know it'll might take longer for my tolerance to go down, I'm 20 right now, first started smoking at 17, but became a daily smoker at 19, about a year ago, I drink about weekly (though that might not be relevant at all). I really want to first get my tolerance down and then try reducing my smoking to about weekly so it can stay down for a while.
    If anyone else has any tips for detoxing and getting tolerance down faster, that would be helpful! Thanks!
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  2. Hey noob, you're mentioning unmentionables here.
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  3. stop smoking weed until you lose 70 pounds of pure fat. then stop bitching
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  4. Eh quit for two weeks and you'll be good. Fuck these other people talking that shit
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  5. You're just lazy. 5"8 250 and trying to blame weed for being unproductive and smelly? Try showering and exercise.
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  6. I've actually lost 15 lbs recently and plan to keep going and I meant smelly as in the smell of weed has seeped into all my clothing. I'm a student at an Ivy League University and am a leader across various groups on campus, I'm far from lazy, you damn troll.
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  7. Unproductive = lazy

    Why did you report this post when you said everything he is saying to ALL of the world (INTERNET)
    to which he offered GOOD advice then you turned around and cursed at him?!
    Is somebody sensitive?:watching:

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  8. You'd think an Ivy League student would be able to change to a fresh pair of clothes after smoking.

    Smoking weed daily isn't for everyone.

    Either stop or get stronger more medicine.
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  9. This is why I love packing me a good .4 in a bowl ripping it all the way through and bowing the smoke out the window... never had a problem smelling like weed... now blunts and joints on the other hand you gotta wait out imo

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    Attempt #2 (Special queen #1)
  10. Because this was a question about my tolerance. Calling me lazy isn't advice. And damn is hardly a curse word, so maybe you're the sensitive one?
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  11. Well I mean you are obviously a quitter.... quitting weed and all
  12. 2 months.
    Then stop smoking constantly.
    Smoke only on weekends.

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