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How Long of a Tolerance Break Do You Take?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by qed, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm taking my first tolerance break due to smoking a shitload the last couple of months and noticing that it's taking more to get me high... not to mention i'm getting some dank tomorrow or wednesday and i want to get so blitzed when i do smoke it...

    how long of a tolerance break should i take? ive only been smoking since late june i think... although i've done a couple of bowls nightly (sometimes much much more) since then without fail

    what do you guys think?
  2. At least a week, but if you want to be completely clean more time and you should do a lot of exercising as well.
  3. 2 weeks for me.

    It's going to feel a lot longer than that though.
  4. As long as you can go man, longer the better, there always a start point but at least a moth so all the thc is out....and your lungs heal.

    Running increases lung capacity.

    exersize helps the body heart and brain.

    and after you get those in shape(with a break of thc)

    the bam next time you smoke youll be good of a hit or two.:smoking:

    Good luck
  5. word, tolerance breaks always suck but when you think about it your doing it for the love of the herb its okay, im taking a break once school starts again for 3 weeks, then after that treating myself to a bubbler. often times when i pick up on breaks i cave in cause its to tempting, but just be strong minded and youll do goood!
  6. I usually only stop for a couple days here and there
  7. i try to go at least a week, but usually its more like 2-3days.

    its hard to stop smoking when i can keep getting killer buds, cause its not like i'm hurting for money right now, so i have a tendency to go over my weed allowance. oddly enough i'm fine when i can't get any at all
  8. me too, when I can't get weed is the only time I stop lol. Either I have no money or I can't get it once in a while.
  9. A couple of days did wonders for me. And I smoke everyday.
  10. Just a couple days for me. I smoke everyday and I definitely notice taking a few days off. Maybe pop a niacin or two one night and I'll be back to the blazing.
  11. In my opinion, 2 weeks is the minimum amount of time so that when you break in that first toke after 2 weeks, it will be the most amazing experience of your life without a doubt.
  12. I take my tolerance breaks while I sleep, so about 7-10 hours depending. ;)
  13. Last one I took was supposed to be four weeks, but I ended it at 3 1/2 weeks... And it only took some nice middies to blow my mind.
  14. i've gone up to a few years at a time, but it isn't voluntary. i can't seem to find a provider here and in general, i've always told indicrap peddlers to go frog themselves the second they start jerking me around or acting like their doing me a favor overcharging me for couchlock when i started out paying half as much for 100X better thai sativa.
  15. Thanks for all the great replies guys!

    I'm not taking a break because I need to pass a DT or anything, so I don't think a full month is really ... necessary.

    The truth is, I still get crazy high when I smoke daily (well... high enough, anyway), but I'm taking this break mostly as an attempt to prove to myself that I can do it. That I'm not addicted, that my mind is clear, and just that I'm strong enough to.

    The fact that it will make my next time blazing that much better is really just an added bonus for me.

    Getting to sleep last night wasn't all that bad; in fact, it was WAY better than I expected :cool:

    I'm trying to enjoy being sober, embracing my clear thoughts... but tonight or tomorrow I'll probably blaze. It depends if my friends hit up the med club today or not.

    I just wish I wasn't so bored...
  16. Im currently in the middle of the all time longest break ever. 7 months. Can you believe that shit. One could ask what the hell im even doing here. I just dont have any connections in this town.
  17. oh shit man. browsing this forum must be physically painful.
  18. Im looking for tips on a plant that is finishing up right now. Its growing outdoors and is just finishing up. In about 5 weeks Ill be back in business.
  19. I took a month cuz I was on what they said would be active probation then I didn't get a DT when I went in to see my PO. Sucks but I got to smoke and get more high than I'd been in a long time after that. Now I'm 2000 miles away from home in a college with 0 tolerance and it looks like I won't be smoking until I come home.
  20. 32 days was the longest I've gone, voluntarily. I'm taking another starting this month as well, day 2 starting tomorrow.

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