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How long of a t break should i take?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc9391, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. well basically ive been smoking for like a month and a half straight, 3-4 times a day. i got an eighth on tuesday and i got like a gram left maybe thats how much i been smoking. ive decided im taking a t break after im outta this shit, which will probably be gone by tonight. im thinking im gonna take a week or two off, but i came here to ask is that long enough to get my high ass tolerance down? or should i maybe go a lil longer?
  2. Two weeks is fine

    But mine aswell take like a month off? Unless you really like smoking that much

  3. im considerin just stoppin for 3 weeks and just gettin baked on 4/20. but idk i will prolly end up just takin 2 weeks off
  4. Stop til 4/17, you have 3 days to get your tolerance to a respectable state so you don't pass out on 4/20
  5. 2 weeks as suggested before is a good start. Throw in some exercise to kill your tolerance even quicker!
  6. Personally, my tolerance starts to go down after 2-3 days. Of course each day after that, it goes down even more but like the person above stated, I would quit until about 4/17, then slowly build somewhat of a tolerance so you don't pass out on 4/20
  7. the half life of weed is 4 days, so at 2 weeks u should either be 12% or 25 % (cant remember) of ur original tolerance
  8. 1 week if you want the first 2-3 post t break sessions to be bomb and then your tolerance to Immediately return.
    2 weeks if you want most your tolerance gone, but will still return some what quicker.
    3 weeks if you want it to go away completely and not come back quick.
    All assuming your of average stature.

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