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  1. I was stupid and never kept track of the dates when i started flowering.

    it is over stretched because i was using a clf and its been under a hps for a couple of days now.

    its hard to get good photos of her because of the powerful red/yellow/orange light in the room

    Any ideas how many weeks or months she looks from being ready?

    there are just a few red hairs 2 - 3 showing.

    my girl is "Shiva Shanti II"

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  2. Some say wait till 60% of the hairs turn red, then add a week for flushing.

    That plant looks like it would have been one big cola under the right light.
  3. True but there is always next time now i got the right light i can clone the mother
  4. lol, thats a crazy tall plant! I would recon u still have quite a whiles to go, couple weeks + flush. the buds will stack and hairs will go orange. Perhaps get a microscope and go by thrichome colours ;)
  5. Take a look at this thread over at RIU: HERE

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