How long left?

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  1. South Africa. And the light energy allows to plant do photosynthesis. And I'm assuming you know the photosynthesis process. So basically light allows the plant to make food. And sometimes in my country, the sun can be too intense. One time it hit 46 degrees C outside and it literally made my plants curl up and die hah
  2. Noooo pleaseee is this bud rot on my plant starting can i save it if i cut it down?
    20170804_180655.jpg 20170804_180749.jpg 20170804_180753.jpg
  3. So i went back and chopped downn my girl scout cookies which had mould aswell i lost the main cola again so on two of my plants now :( gorrilla glue seems to be okay.

    How have i done for trimming ? Will it dry like this ?

    20170805_123302.jpg 20170805_123249.jpg 20170805_114033.jpg 20170805_113953.jpg 20170805_114003.jpg

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