How long left?

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  1. How long does this have left?

  2. The only way to know is by looking at the trichomes. At this point, you're looking for percentage of amber overall in the trichomes...needing at least 25% to harvest. You'll need to get a jeweler's loupe or some other really strong form of magnification to see them because you can't with the naked eye. It looks pretty close to finished to me, but you definitely don't want to pull until you know for sure. Most strains have a recommended flowering time in weeks. Do you know what you're growing there strain wise? If so, Google it and find out how many weeks they recommend. If you have adequate lighting to flower, you can pretty well count on what they recommend as at least enough to get you a decently matured bud. Gonna offer a couple of helpful hints here. Your lights are too far away from your plants. Bringing them closer would've shortened the cones and made them fatter. When you see a bud that never stops extending itself and getting taller and taller, that's because it's stretching for light. My guess would be you're flowering too many plants with the light you have which forces you to raise the light to cover all the plants. This robs all of light. Don't get me wrong. Your buds are beautiful. But keep light and plant as close as possible during the flower cycle. Light will only penetrate a certain depth regardless of where it's at anyway, and keeping them close allows the buds down inside the plant to develop out like the tops do. Crowding too many together into a flower space will also rob you of yield because you get a lot of shading. But you figure those kinds of things out along the way as you grow more plants. Back off a bit on the nutes next time too. The color of your plants is really dark green which is a sign of nitrogen toxicity. Nutes don't grow plants...just feed them. LIGHT is the element in the flower cycle that is most important. But looks like you've done a great job with these and congrats. You can pick up a loupe on Amazon for nearly nothing. But like everything else concerned with this hobby, the better quality ones are going to cost you a little more. But you're looking at less than $20 for a fairly good one. I'm sure these can be bought at retail stores too, just don't exactly know where to send you. If you have a hydro or grow store in your area, they're sure to have them. But have to magnify those trichomes and look for amber coloring in them. Nice job. Enjoy your harvest and make sure you know how to dry/cure it. Would be a big shame to lose any of it. LOL Happy growing! TWW
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  3. Wow Thank you for your help

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