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How long is "your turn"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheClutch, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. "Your turn" being the time it takes for you to recieve the piece, and pass it on.

    I, in almost every scenerio, take an immediate hit and pass it. Whether we are in a group of 10 people or 2 people.

    What I've noticed, though, is that some like to take a minute to continue conversation with piece in hand. The smaller the group, the more likely this is to happen (especially when it is only two people).

    So how long do you hold the piece? Does it differ depending on the amount of tokers in the group?

    Alone- I take them as fast as I can
    2- I'll take and pass back asap, but if i notice them slowing down or stalling for whatever reason, I'll slow down

    3- Same as 2, but with less chance of slowdown

    4 or more- ***** you better pass the piece.
  2. I say it depends on the group and the setting. For example if you're smoking a stick with 2 other people you can hold onto it for like 25-30 seconds. But if you're in a big group it's puff pass.
  3. Depends on the situation entirely.

    If me and my good buddy who blaze after we're done work almost every day are just smoking we can easily make a bowl last 20 minutes just because of conversation while smoking.

    But then on the other hand there's been days where I've smoked half a dozen bowls in the same time with the same person.

    It's pretty much dependent on the vibes of the session, idk how else to explain it.
  4. You get the piece, take your hit, and pass it on.

    I don't see why so many people fail to grasp this concept.

  5. agreed. haha I want to be hiiiiggghhhh
  6. 45 minutes. Fuck everybody else

    Really though, pretty quick. I usually try to hit it and talk after I pass
  7. Depending on who you are with and how many people. When I'm with my close friend/friends we usually just know when the time is right to pass it. When I'm in a large random group I try to take my hit and pass as soon as possible. Try to avoid talking while you have the piece.
  8. Last night my friend got so high that he would put his mouth up to the bong and just sit there for like 30 seconds before even lighting it.
  9. when blunt smoking people normally puff puff pass but i triple puff pass
  10. I'm really bad about taking my time to take a hit, I'm not usually fiending for it or anything so I'll sit around and talk or read or watch something... when there's a group, honestly I probably hold shit up more than anyone else, but I think it's cause I'm more used to just chilling and kicking back and smoking at my leisure.

    If someone goes "dude, hit the bong" I'm like "oh, my bad!" and do it though. I'm not a dick about it
  11. Everyone here is right in their own way. Sometimes you are in a situation where it pretty much calls for passing the piece back and forth really fast but also situations where it's the complete opposite. But after awhile of just straight smoking and not too much talking with a small group the speed will slow down by a lot when people are just zoning out and if you are with new smokers sometimes they won't be exactly coherent after some bowls of dank in a high end piece, whatever it may be.
  12. It depends on who i'm smoking with. I know, of my friends, which ones can flow right into a conversation and forget about the awaiting hit and which cannot.
  13. me and my friends dont count how many hits we take, we just pass when it feels right. No stressing at all :smoke:
  14. generally, with any amount of people in a group, just take your leisurely time grabbing, hitting, and passing the bowl. and if someone complains then just listen and adapt. its honestly simple.

  15. party foul
  16. if its me and a good friend, i love having a conversation between tokes, the same way we make a black and last half an hour because we're talking a lot in between hits. im not in a rush to get high, but of course in a group you gotta respect the rules. if its a big circle, you have more than enough time to talk while the piece is circling, no need to talk it up while holding the bong/pipe

    thats my idea of it all anyway
  17. If its a piece its not that big of a deal to chill out for a sec with it but i HATE HATE HATE when people sit there and talk with the blunt burning away

  18. this is how i feel.

    even with the conversation goin.

    damn babysitters. lol

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