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How long is urine good for?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by frozentearz, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Need to keep some real urine on me for the next couple of days in case the synthetic I used didnt pass. A clean friend is willing to donate thiers but i need to figure out how long it will "keep" for in and out of the fridge. Anyone know?
  2. Im sure the piss would be good if you kept it in the fridge...the only thing that could happen is ethanol build up in your fridged piss...Ethanol will build if the urine sits for an amount of time between the time it comes out of you..and the time its if your over 21 then it would be fine..or if they arent even testing for alcohol use you will be fine
  3. I wouldn't be too worried about the synthetic urine, I've used it twice now on lab tests for my job and it's come through clean both times. I used quick fix.

    I'm not sure how long real piss lasts but I figured my experience might help put your mind at ease.
  4. it's good forever, the chemicals they test for don't change. if it's really long make sure you freeze it.
  5. Put it in yo freezer
  6. NO, it really needs to be used the same day you get it, ive known people to put it in the fridge a few days and still pass but many that have failed. human urine contracts bacteria as soon as it leaves the body and will go bad
  7. Yes but urine going bad doesn't change what the tests look for. They determine if there is THC in the sample, or any other drugs, it doesn't verify if the piss is good or not. lol I've passed tests using my own synthetic piss made out of warm water and a little orange juice lol.
  8. It will stay good frozen for up to one year.

  9. only a question a stoner on probabtion would ask
  10. Ff he pees in your mouth his urine will end up in your bladder in approximately 30 minutes, you can then piss it out, passing the drug test.
  11. id say about a month or so, but im going to be using 5 week old stuff whenever they call next....but i havent had any problems yet :D
  12. Freeze that shit and it will last almost indefinitely.
  13. if that's true than you must have visited the most bullshit lab in the world. I honestly don't believe you, there is a huge difference between water + OJ and human urine... dumbass.
    And it matters if the urine gets stale, GUESS WHAT! they test for the age of specimen too! if the sample has been sitting out longer than 2-3 days it is no longer useable. Refrigerate or freeze the urine you get asap and it will last longer (just remember you'll need to heat it up/microwave it before use).

  14. You know all they usually do is dip a stick in the water and the color determines whether it is positive or not.
  15. none of the labs i've been to do that. then again i live just outside DC, so maybe they have more money to spend on tests. every time ive gone in to give a sample though, they immediately test the temperature to make sure it's good, then send it to a lab which further analyzes it. and this is the lab procedure for getting a fucking grease monkey job at sears auto dept. and i don't think a stick in the urine would be able to determine specific drugs in the sample, as you may have legal medication it can't just "test positive for drugs"..
  16. I got clean urine about 6 days ago from my buddy. I am in a class where they send the urine to a lab, no dipstick. I did it before but put the clean urine in the pee cup about 24 hrs. Later. They then put it in a bridge and u get your results back about 10 days later. Do u think my 6 day old clean urine will fail a lab test. I have not refrigerated it. I know they test for like every drug but do u think they can tell it will be like a week old?
  17. The place I go to doesn't test the temp, they just bag it and put it in the fridge til they send it to the lab. Basically I'm asking if unrefrigerated urine goes bad? I guess it grows bacteria but I don't know if they test for that. Like I said above I used 24 hour old urine that I didn't refrigerate, just heated it up before going to my class where they tested me. But 24 hours is a lot different than 7 days. Thanks for any help.
  18. It might work, just make sure the urine is at 98 degrees, cause it comes out body temp. Some places check the temp, to see if your not usig synthetic or someone elses. I used the synthetic urine a 2 months ago and it worked for me, came with a heating pack that kept it at 98 for up to 8 hours
  19. yeah your good i use to be on probation and had random test i had a bottle of piss i kept on hand for about a month befor they called me by that time the piss did look weird and the guy watching me even commented on it but i just played it off i did this about 10 times the piss varied from a day to a month old it always worked

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