How long is too long to transplant?

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  1. Hey to all. Ok so today my plant is exactly 6 weeks from showing sex, so roughly 7 weeks since actually going to 12/12. The plant is from some good mexican cartel pressbud. I think it is sativa dominant by the way is growing up (about 4' tall, almost outgrew the box i had it in) and the leaves. Anyways, for the past 3 weeks starting from the bottom the leaves have been yellowing and falling off. This problem has been diagnosed several ways, nitrogen deficient, magnesium deficient, over watering, just a natural part of the plants life cycle, and root bound. I've tried to remedy these things one at a time. I switched back to veg food for a feeding to put more nitrogen back in. I fed with molasses to try and remedy magnesium. I cut back on watering. But still every two days I lose another set of fan leaves. It's almost up to the cola now and I'm getting worried because the pistils aren't even turning orange yet. I've got her in a 2.5 gal black planter which I had read that would be plenty of pot for one plant, but I'm not sure. Is it too late to transplant up to a bigger put now? Would it be worth it? I mean I really cannot tell when this plant will be done. Any input is much appreciated guys and gals. Thanx
  2. It's too late to transplant. Just water and feed as normal and have some patience. Adding nitrogen isn't going to cure your leaf drop at this point.

  3. Thanx for the quick reply. Is what I kinda thought. I'll post pics tomorrow when they are in light cycle. They almost look lollipopped, but the actual buds themselves look good. Is just the pistils are almost all still white and sticking almost straight up, not to much odor either yet, but a little skunky.
  4. When did you change to flower nutes? If you switched to flower nutes at the same time you flipped to 12/12 then next grow either continue veg nutes the first week or two, or use 50% veg, 50% bloom the first week or two after the flip. Carrying a bit of nitrogen those first two weeks or so will help prevent massive leaf drop as you reach to mid - late flower. As I said earlier though, once they start dropping in mass like that its too late. All adding extra nitrogen will do at that point is cause your end product to taste bad. I had the same problem in some of my first grows because I listened to the wrong people.

    Your pot is a little small for a 4 foot plant as well. Being root bound could also be causing an issue. Generally I would want a 4-5 gallon pot for a plant that height. However, height means less if it is stretched badly.

  5. Thanx for the advice jay. In a couple hours my lights should turn on and I'll post some current pics. I switched to flower nutes as soon as I switched to 12/12, so next time I'll hold off.
  6. At this point, since you're very close to 7 weeks since showing bud, I would just ride it on out. Next time, put plant into a larger pot because a 2.5 gallon is not really large enough to give the plant adequate room for root development. It will become root bound and more of a challenge to maintain. I suspect your yellowing leaves are just the plant concentrating ALL it's energy into bud development at this stage instead of a deficiency. Do you adjust the pH of your water/nutes? A soil grow should be around 6.5. If you've not been maintaining adequate pH, you probably have root lockout...which is what it causes, and it won't matter what you give the plant because it can't take it in, nutrient wise. A good flush can straighten that out, 3:1 gallons water/pot size with tap water, and adjust the pH of the water for the last gallon. Let it sit for a few days to drain out and dry up some, then give a light feeding. This will probably help it out a lot and clean out those roots so it can take in some nutrition which I'm sure it desperately needs right now since the pot size is too small and the plant has depleted the nutrients in the soil at this point. Best of luck! TWW
  7. I have started adjusting the ph everytime I water, since about two weeks ago. I think I might flush it. I just hope it finishes. Thanx.
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    Some pics finally. Whatta ya think?

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