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How long is too long to have a piece?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by infiniteawesome, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. just boil it for a while and it will be jus like new,if its glass that is
  2. Frosty_Cola, She's a great little bong. Thick as shit and only 35 bones. :smoke:
  3. I have a spoon that i've used since my early days. like 6 years ago
  4. I have had about 4 spoons, 3 bubblers and a bong for around a year or more. I have spent around 100 or more on each piece and liek to take care of it. I have cases for them all and everything. There my babys and I would cry if they got broken.
  5. my oldest current pieces just recently turned a year old, but before i got busted, i had this little spoon for 5 years. from when i started smoking. 1999-2004. just take good care of them and they dont go bad. glass, if cleaned properly and cared for should last for a very very long time. it doesnt get charred like wood, or rust like metal.

  6. Yeh, i've just been considering buying a new bubbler cuz I find that the longer I smoke, the more intricate I like my pieces. My number one choice will always be elegance over style, but the glass places in so cali are neither practical nor inexpensive, which I'm looking for.

    Anyways, I've decided to try and get a pyrex piece, but am looking at my options financially.

    I was originally going to invest in a bong with ice notches, pyrex from a website, but decided that I would be willing to spend a little bit more and look into a nice sidecar, possibly from the gc, but I need to scrape some dough together first. Plus I'm nervous ordering paraphenalia online, especially since it will be to the U.S.

    I wouldn't mind having a nice spoon someday, but I will always prefer any form of water pipe over dry, so it would be nicer, of course, to purchase a decent bubbler of sorts. I always thought of sidecars as being somewhat inferior to sherlocks due to the fact that it was still a very straight piece and more closely related to the spoon in smoking format. But I smoked out of a nice sidecar a couple months back and realized I actually missed holding my hand like that while smoking, so blah blah blah, looking into a VERY nice sherlock and wouldn't mind some suggestions, etc.

    something of this quality is what I'm looking for:
    I might even get that one.

    I like these two spoons, and they represent the kind of style I like in glassware:
  7. where i go to blaze and hang out, bongs and pipes niever last too long. i think th elongest we've ever gone with the same bong was 2 months. and its usually the rookie toker who ends up droppin it. but i guess we were dumb for continuing to buy glass bongs everytime. the bright side to this dliema is that we never have to clean out our piece! we now have an acrylic bong that hits great but we're already on our 2nd bowl. i guess glass, garage floors, and stoned teenagers arent the best mix...
  8. the headshop owner i know is always talking about this product thats cleans the shit outta your pieces.its called 420cleaner, no idea where to get it or price, just heard about it alot.
  9. ya that 420 cleaner works extremely well, you just squirt a bit in your piece, add water and shake and the resin will just fall right off it.
  10. its good, but costs about 10$ for the bigger bottle. Just go to CVS and pick up some 91% iso alcohol and epsom salt (in the first aid isle, the salt and iso are next to each other). it'll cost about 5$ and ull get more.
  11. I heard that Formula 420 is pretty much just alcohol and salt.
  12. the alcohol and salt works as good as anything you'll buy in a store for 3 times the price. i've had my peices ranging anywhere from a week to 7 years now. i have had two break, but both were fixed and still in use and two have very small chips in them. i expect almost all of them to last my life time and i'll have great stories about each one. i'm sure at some point a piece will be broken past the point of fixability (is that a word?) and will be lost to the glass heaven in ths sky. the newer peices are more elaborate and fancy, while the first few were more so regular peices. my second peice which is 6 years old or so, is still a favorite among the group. its called sobe.
  13. i have a pipe that is 6 years old and still smokin strong

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