How long is too long to flower?

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  1. This is my first grow and I'm looking for veterans and noobies alike opinions. So I have couple plants that are ~13/14 weeks into flower and all the normal signs that I was looking out for never really showed. The trichomes on the GSC (girl scout) I have are milky to clear, the leaves from the gallery below look very unique because they basically had a mg deficiency as the biobizz nutes didn't have them in their micro formula which I found out late. The other plant is a blue widow and it's trichomes are pretty clear throughout, both plants are bag seed that I started under CFLs before I got some proper equipment.

    Some info:

    Soil grown in promix bx + sheep manure
    1 400w hps/mh for veg and flower
    biobizz nutes inc the veg, bloom and micro
    pH consistently in the 6.3-6.6 range
    humidity ~45%-50% and temp ~77F
    Ive been pretty consistent with watering only once the soil dries out which sometimes was 5-6 days between waterings.

    I think at some point there was nute lockout which delayed the finishing time of these two plants. I've been keeping them on a light regiment of low levels of bloom and water in the hopes that it would finish up but it seems like little has changed in the past 2 weeks. Both plants have a significant fan leaves that will just crumbles to shreds yet the bud is green or dark green in most areas. So am I at the point that the plant simply didn't get what it needed in it's peak time and it won't finish any better than what it's at now or is one of those things where the plant can continue producing trichomes and those little spindles. The GSC hairs are mostly rust colored now but haven't been peeling back whereas the blue widow is like mostly all white hairs. These plants have been a learning experience for me but I wonder is there a point where you cut your plant down because it won't do much more than it has.

  2. Sounds like the aren't ready yet. I don't count flowering weeks until the plant is covered in hairs. And I usually add a couple weeks to breeder times because they are never even close to on point in most cases. They must harvest when all tricks are just starting to milk up or something, I like my trichs nice and amber with a mix of 25% cloudy
  3. Im curious, how do you continue to feed the plants so they don't starve? go down to half feeding or quarter feed? Both of these are bag seeds so I had no expectations. I have no problem letting it grow on but I'm just not seeing much in terms of changes. The trichomes aren't getting milkier and the blue widow is like 90% clear for about 2-3 weeks now. At this point is the bud absorbing the light since the leaves are all but dead?
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    they've long since quit feeding so you don't need to add anything. If you really want to know for sure you need to do the microscope thing. My buds go from white to amber, and then I wack.
  6. [​IMG]
    Ended up with roughly 2 1/2 ounces from this 1 plant. Pretty happy for my first grow.

  7. That lasted a very long time! Have you tested any of it yet?

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