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How long is pain considered chronic pain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VolcomSkater209, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Beeeeen having pain for 5 months and im trying to get my card, First doctor visit Ii was prescribed muscle relaxers and 100 ibuprofen, 3 months later docs have me prescription for extra strength tylenol and told me if I have pain to take some but they dont help at all.
  2. Just go to your doctor and say how medical marijuana would help you and how it has relieved your pain in the past, unless its a special doctor, he won't give you a card unless you request it
  3. I'm going to Sacramento 420 Evaluations not kaiser, just wanted to know how long is it considered chronic cus ive had it for awhile now
  4. Any amount of time having pain off and on is chronic.

  5. That's what I figured, but my friends got denied in modesto for chronic back ousin he had for 4 & half months cus the doctor said it had to be 6 months trip be considered chronic..
  6. My doctors been telling me I have chronic pain for like 8 years, so I dunno. I don't think there's a requirement, any long amount of time can be considered "chronic", just depends on your doctor.
  7. I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it has to do with duration. I think that chronic pain is any pain that is recurring. Even if it reoccurs for a few weeks it is chronic. If the Tylenol aren't working then tell your doctor, if he tries to put you on opiates refuse and ask for his help getting your med card.
  8. Yes it does here in vermont in order to apply for a card, the pain or qualifying condition must be documented for at least six months prior ot you applying for mmj. Which sucks for me because my doctors only write in my chcart thatI am crazy not in pain even though I have been in pain for over a year. Time to find a new doctor and start over again.
  9. Well, I know that my doctor has never found the cause of my pain. He's done so many tests and can't find anything, and he also refuses to prescribe me and pills because he thinks they cause more problems than they fix (includes weed). Haha, I need to find a doctor who will give me mmj recommendation.... :confused:

  10. Post this in the medical marijuana section, there are loads of people with the answer to your question, go to the Do you qualify thread.

    Buy i think you have to have chronic pain and be on other meds for a while and when they don't work you can get a prescription, be firm and assertive explain your condition and tell them what you need.
  11. Honestly bro get samples taken and shit. My aunt had chronic pain that was dismissed by her doctor and it turned out to be cancer.
  12. When you're like "dang.... I think ima need chronic for this pain"
  13. Oh you're in california, like me? Sheesh I got my reccomendation the day I turned 18.
    It's not hard to obtain man. Where you live?

  14. Im in Lathrop, CA. Im planning on going to Sacramento 420 Evaluations, mainly because when I went with friends they were pumping people out like crazy we were there 45m for the wait and I didn't see not 1 person get denied.

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