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How long is long enuf to be titled a seasoned toker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SmOkEy_McPoT_85, Oct 18, 2002.

  1. Hey buds!!!

    Just to clarify how long (around) it is till you could have earned the title "seasoned toker"?

    Personaly i've been a toker for roughly five or six years, wif many more to come!!!
  2. i dont even remember what i was going to say.
  3. HAHAHEHE!!!!, i hate that!!!


  4. in my opinion, the average time it takes to be a seasoned toker depends on me.
  5. Step aside norm. I be the king of seasoned tokers........If you don't believe me just look at Who's the Mod in this forum!!!!!!!
  6. hehehe i wouldn't complain wif that!!!
  7. in my opinion, the average time it takes to be a seasoned toker depends on we.
  8. Thats better!!!

    A seasoned toker is experienced in the art of toking and nows his or hers shit!!!!
  9. ya just gotta realize things..and when you can tell people that, your a seasoned toker.
  10. I just realised you are sytoned again!!! Does that mean I'm stoned seasoned?
  11. well..then im seasoned to perfection..

    a lil spicy, but bold
  12. OK, i guess that i am a seasoned toker then...HOORAH!!!
  13. I guess that makes me hot and sweet like honey glazed buffalo wings ;)

  14. Finger licking munchie food 420girlie. Are you finger licking good??/ I bet you are! DAMN GOOD TOO!
  15. who sand phlanges?

  16. WTF?????????
  17. phlanges!!!phlanges!!!planges!!!
  18. I'm too stoned for this shit... Give definition..
  19. phlanges = fingers ;)

    p.s. It's a secret ;)

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