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How long into your "seasoning"..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LI_NY, May 30, 2009.

  1. How long into your "seasoning" did you decide that you wanted to grow your own?

    it was probably my 5th year of smoking that i started reading about the process.
    but it wasn't until 2008 that i finally had the opp. to put some seeds to earth.
    i have had one successful harvest and about 6 weeks until my second.
    i'm not much of a "seasoned grower" but my green thumb thinks differently. :D

    If you consider yourself "seasoned" and haven't started your own grow
    what's the biggest factor that is stopping you from doing so?

    -live w/ 'rents?
    -not interested?

  2. I consider myself fairly sesoned, i've been smoking for about 4 years now. I started growing my own with my girlfriend a year ago, shes been growing for alot longer than me and been smoking for alot longer too. I started out just helping with the trimming and curing but now she lets me plant and take of the little guys when shes away. Since then ive moved away so she handles most of it again...I think she likes it that way.
  3. hahaa a mixture of jail, being homeless, and "living with the rents"(which is really just when i come to visit..... i live in my car in the same city as my parents, but dont really live with em, just stop in for a day or two at a time....

    and an outdoor grow is too much hassle for me, especially watering plants in the 100+ degree weather.....

    as soon as i get a house, its GAME TIME... it kinda sucks, because if i had the opportunity to grow, i wouldnt be homeless for too much longer....
  4. Been growing since i started smoking but once i get my own place I will get some more serious growing going on.
  5. 2134 days 12 hours 56 minutes 15 seconds
    Then you are seasoned
  6. ^ I'm not even that old! good golly gosh!
  7. nice..

    yea same here..
    once i have a bigger place
    i'll start a bigger grow..
  8. 13 years for me
  9. growing?
    just smoking?

  10. That's like...5 years...
    So if you're saying that you're not 5 years old, Prepare to get banned =D

  11. ever since i first started smoking, i had had a strong strong interest in growing.

    after joining this site and getting a lot of info, i started growing myself.
  12. man.. i went over 20 years of smoking and paying outrageous prices for weed before i smartened up and started growing.

    the big reason was i was either living with my parents, or married and didn't feel comfortable growing in either one of those conditions.
    i'm glad i didn't because my bitter ex wife woulda dropped a dime on me in a second if she knew i grew buds
  13. #13 Rude Dude, May 31, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2009

    just smoking......started when I was 15

    Thinking about getting a few plants but just never did. Now I have a few seedlings growing but no where near a harvest.
  14. No closet space/garden.

    I had a 1ft plant in my room, just as a house plant. I just watered it a little every day.
    Some pests got on it though and ate all the leaves.
  15. How long after i started smoking did i want to grow? Like 6 months, id go online everyday and read about growing for hours, by the time i actually started i had the theory down. But it was about 10 years after i first started that it actually happened

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