how long into veg. stage should i wait to top the plant??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by closetgrower, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. how long into the veg. stage should i wait until i top the plant. i have 3 plants that are about a month into flowering,
    and i have just started 3 more sprouts! i heard that topping the plant allows is to grow more bud. does any one have any advice or websites the could help me better understand the
    "topping" process. how tall they should be?? where/how much u cut off??? just some basic knowledge would be great!!!

    thanx peeps,,,,,,,,1
  2. you top at about a foot.. when your plant is about a foot in age you top it.. or you can do it later but better results when you top at a foot. You cut off the main Shoot of the plant. also with that cutting you can clone your plant.. any more questions or need to go more into detail??
  3. Sorry, My mistake.. i had it mixed up.
  4. when i snapped off my main cola by accident (my shins were black from kicking myself 4 2 weeks) i cloned it...

    its got roots now....
  5. Ive topped all my plants at about 6" or when they really have enough leaves to support themselves after I pinch off the top.

    I really don't cut anything off. I just pinch (kill) the newest tiny set of leaves that is starting. Each time you top the plant (or branch) it will grow two shoots there.

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