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how long in veg from seed?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by smoovy, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. How long should I wait to cut the lights back to 12/12 when starting from seed?
  2. Whenever you want man, their is many people that actually flower from seed.
  3. i veg for a lonng time like 4 months and top regularly.. the longer you veg the more you get if you do it right
  4. So it basically comes down to how big u want the plant? I could have swore I read in the medical marijuana growers bible that when grown from seed plants will actually start to show signs of sex around 6-10 weeks without even turning the lights back and flowering before this is detrimental to the plant? I dont know it was a while ago and I'm just tryin to refresh my memory
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    I've got a 1,000 watt hps and a 5x5 tent with 20 northern light seeds and 20 blue mystic....so I'm planning on about 15 healthy females after weeding out the males and choosing a couple mother plants so 4 months would probably cause me to run out of space
  6. i would suggest the sea of green then and you should have plenty of room veg for about 4-6 weeks after it sprouts and you should be good. its about 1plant per square foot that way with just 1 main cola.
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    No doubt....appreciate the advice bro
  8. The sea of green method involves little to no veg time. The goal is to maintain small sized plants that tend towards one main cola / no side branching. You want to aim for as many plants as possible in a small space.
  9. i know but waiting about 4 weeks should be fine since he has 25 square feet and planting 20.. thats a lot of plants for that amount of area so i say sog because hes shooting for lots of plants in a small area.. but waiting a few weeks extra for increase in yield also. kind of contradictory wording but idk if thats still considered sog.

    either way id suggest about 4 weeks of veg depending on how fast ur plants grow. id shoot for about a foot just dont top it, unless your going for fastest crop then you can flower as soon as you want.
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    Yeah I think ill go with thefour weeks and trim the smaller bottom branches as needed...I've got a 36 unit aeroponics that will be perfect for sog but I wanna make sure everything I throw in there is female so im gonna sets aside a couple moms and wait for a nice batch of clones for that
  11. I've also got a ballast that can put out 50%,75%, and 100% percent of the 1000watts of power and plan on using fluorescent to start the batch....how long should I wait after the seedlings pop to put under the hps and how big before I crank the power up to 100%?
  12. the fluorescent lights should be fine for like the first week unless you notice stretching then just kick on the hps @50%

    it all depends on which you prefer. some people start seedlings under a hps or mh lamps. as long as heat isnt a problem it should like the extra light. but also expensive to run if you dont need it. just watch them and theyll tell you what they want.
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    I've been told the hps will be fine for vegetative growth for the setup I have and a mh would be a waste of money for an op this size...although heat has def been an issue my first couple tries with this that were not so successful which is another reason why I've decided to go soil this time around......anyways, my ? Is what is best for controlling heat other than throwing an a/c in the window? Portable a/c? Do they make these specificly designed for grow rooms because I am not so mechanically inclined lol
  14. Even with an air cooled reflector with a 4in duct fan pulling the hot air out of the tent and an inline fan with a carbon filter attached to a climate control decice with another 4" duct fan pulling cooler air into the bottom of the tent when it kicks on i still have had heat problems other than the dead of winter
  15. I recently purchased a 8000 BTU portable AC for my attic grow room, which is about 5x5x6 (ft). I got one that has a exhaust tube so your not exhausting the hot air from the AC into your grow room. Mine doesn't have a intake tube but you can get them with both the intake and exhaust(which is best). They are easy to hook up and the only thing you would have to do is run the exhaust out a window(mines exhausting into the attic because they give off no fumes, just heated air).
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    So the intake tube spits out the cold air and the exhaust tube spits out the hot air? In which case u wouldnt have to put the a/c directly in the grow room in turn saving space...am I right?
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    Not really...the portable ac units with intakes and exhaust are usually high btu. They need to draw air from somewhere so the intake usually draws air from outside or another room to be cooled. The exhaust is used to expel the hot air out.

    The cold air would be blowing out of the unit rather than the intake, but you could still run ducting from the unit into your grow space if you wanted to save space. Hope that made sense.
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    No it makes complete sense thanks for clearing that up....but how exactly do u run duct from the unit to your grow space?
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    I actually did this with a window ac. I bought a rectangular to 4" circle metal duct fixture and fixed it to the ac so that the air blows through it. Then I ran 4" dryer ducting from that fixture and ran it into my grow room. I think I posted a pic when I first started my journal.

    It is definitely not as efficient has having the ac in your tent or room (that is what I eventually did) but it will work.
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    I can dig that...what type if light were u using and how well did that work for you?

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