how long in advanced can i take niacin

Discussion in 'General' started by eyecon, May 23, 2006.

  1. long time no smoke guys.
    so i'm graduating college next month and have a good job lined up. i stopped smoking yesterday since they said they were going to drug test me before. i started taking 500mg non time released niacin pills. i heard i wasn't supposed to take these for more than a week or so.

    if i take these for a week or so now, and drink lots of water, exercise and bla bla bla will i be ok, or should i wait til closer to the test before i start taking these pills. they seriously make me piss like nothing else, and make my body feel like fire, but i read about that before so its all good.

    can't wait to start smoking again.

    peace eyecon
  2. Wrong forum. Recreational Marijuana Use
  3. where would you suggest this go then?
  4. General or Pandora's box.
  5. strange, when i searched for niacin 95% of the posts were in rec and seasoned tokers

  6. what a dick

    I'm not sure but I'd also like to know.

    Name-calling doesn't float at the City! Keep that in mind. *RMJL

  7. exactly what i was thinking :)
  8. thinking the same... who cares?
  9. Moved to the General Forum where it belongs!!!

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