how long? HOW LONG??

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    Ok how long can you watch this? No bullshiting or turning the speakers off. :laughing:

    7 minutes ... yeahhhh BABY!! :smoke:
  2. [​IMG]

    i didnt even let it load.
  3. lol damn man.
  4. Lord have mercy that was terrible.
  5. That song is somehow catchy. I think it's catchy the way "Friday" is. Your ears are bleeding and your vomit is turning black, but you keep listening...
  6. dont mind it infact I LIKE IT!

  7. we have a winner :p

  8. i looked for 10 seconds just to see what it was.
  9. it turned into a bird flapping at my after 3 minutes.
  10. I kinda liked it.... :O
  11. Turns into something at the hour mark. Not going to tell you what though, and watch for it, because its easy to miss.
  12. ^^where is the troll face at the bottom of the page for this one? lol
  13. How long, how long will I slide
    Seperate my side
    I dont, I dont believe its bad
    Slittin my throat its all I ever...
  14. I got to :20 seconds I was try to see how serious it was..To serious for my liking
  15. Haha I actually enjoyed it, and for some strange reason it sounds so familiar...
  16. 1:21...... it's not as annoying as i thought but damn i felt like punching the person singing.
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    Why is she waving an onion around?

    wait, nvm.......

    edit: I actually listened to just the audio for like 10 minutes, that girl sounds sexy I wanna boink her
  18. i can't say i absolutely hate it.

  19. i'm pretty sure it's a leek :laughing:

    ba doing doing doing

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