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How long have you owned you're piece?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Faded Spinner, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. I've owned my color changing glass pipe for a little over 1 year. It was also my first pipe. Around here, peeps break their glass pieces in a couple of weeks but I have been fortunate. What is your oldest piece that you own?
  2. Fortunately i'm a blacksmith and i don't have to worry about breaking my bong as i made it from stainless steel....i'm gonna get a glass one though to see what all the fuss is about....is it better?....Peace out....Sid
  3. my medal bowl i bought sometime around june of 2001, and my glass bong towely i got just about a year from now. I was on probation at the time i bought both of them and didn't get to use them until last october or november, i can't rememeber. My oldest piece is probaby my mothers old bowl, it was given to her in the early 80s. She quit smoking in 85 or 86, then my dad kept it in a old shoe box of bong parts. I duno i have a lot of his old parts for bongs so maybe one of them pieces could me older but not that i know of. But i heard my moms bowl was probably made in the 70s.
  4. I got my first glass pipe approx. 5 years ago...just this past may I cracked the carb cleaning it (man was i drunk and clearly NOT paying attention to what I was doing) Im so mad!!!! Id buy another but its my baby!!! ugh!!!! now theres a disclaimer when you use it. Im not liable for anything. ever. haha.
  5. My oldest piece is about two and a half years old. I also inhereted a bunch of little wooden pipes and a few metal and glass stems from someone who was moving out of town. God only knows how old some of that stuff is.
  6. I had my glass pipe for a few months now and my bong for only about a month. Heres a pic of El Diablo (my bong)

  7. hehe thats a kickass bong man.
  8. Bought my glass steamroller about 2 weeks ago, and love the thing. Had a bud bomb I loved as well but I dropped the bowl part down a damn drain while I was at the jersey shore wit my girl. Also have a little acrylic hoser.

  9. i've owned one pipe for 5 yrs. good pipe! :D

    i've boughten 3 new pieces in the last couple of months - a glass pipe, a bubbler, and a mini - stainless.

    there's been lots of others over the years - including one made from a deer antler. it's been across the country, but it got lost on the second trip. hope somebody else is enjoying it! :D
  10. got a hookah from the late 60's
  11. I have an old ghetto plain glass bong w/ fimo around it named Scooby. He's about three years old. I never really use him anymore, as now I have two colorchanging bubblers and two colorchanging bongs that are about a month old.
  12. i jus found my good ol "World Industries Skate Tool" peice thats disguised as a wrench set.
  13. our 2-footer is coming up on it's 2-year anniversary.. and all our other pieces follow behind that. i had a REALLY awesome sherlock that i had for 3 years until it got broken by, of course, the same person who gave it to me, my brother... i miss that pipe, haven't ever found one even remotely like it!
  14. ever glass peice that i've known my friends own have never lasted no longer then a year

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