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How Long have you had your smoking utencal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lacrossestar, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Well i have had mine for a couple of months now... but mydad has had his since he was 18 and is now 53. I was wondering how long have some of you had your smoking utencials? Also im just wondering how long steel screens last?
  2. The bong I have right now I've had since December 02...don't have a bowl right now...I can never seem to hold onto bowls for very long...I either sell them, lose them, or trade them for weed :p
  3. hmm, about 4 days :) just bought it from grasscity.

    btw hempress, GJ on siggie :)

  4. Thanks Stylez! :D
  5. How long do screens last?
  6. the one in my bong has lasted 2 years already, but i dont use my bong all that much, maybe once a week.

    I've had my current spoon for about 9 months, my chillum for 1 month, my bong for 7 months, and my cherry box for 1 as well.
  7. um... screens last like forever, at least mine do, u just gotta put it in rigtht. Remember, dont cut the screen, bend it.
  8. i forget how long ive had mine, i think i said someone on a post once how long ive had my piece...its atleast a few yrs.
  9. since november 02 for my glass spoon, but i just ordered a new from the city. and for my bong i made it about a month or 2 ago
  10. i have had all my pieces for a long time, but the pipe i am currently hitting i have had since december.
  11. my bro lost mine :mad:
  12. I've had my glass spoon for almost 4 years now. It's indestructable. It was ran over, and stopped on top of, by a ford taurus with 5 people in it. I'm gonna get buried with it i think.
  13. I've had my little spoon for about a year, and my bong for about 2 months. I had only been using my bong since I had got it, so I thought I would use my spoon tonight. I did, and it's great. I usually never use screens--I never really have a prblem with ashes coming into my mouth.
  14. my pipe is about 3 months, and my brand new bong 1 day from the city :smoke:

    and i usually just change my screen every time i clean my piece
  15. My papers are pretty new...but it takes me quite a while to go thru a pack these days...I've got a wood pipe that I've had 10+ yrs and a new 'bud bomb' that I got a couple of months ago from tha City (its excellent for stealth tokin)...I never owned a bong, but years ago I had this neat little portable waterpipe that the cops wouldn't give back... ;)
  16. i have a proto pipe i've had for 6 years, looks like new:D
  17. I've had my Proto for about 6yrs now. Great pipe. Only had to change screens (diff pipe) a couple times, once cause I either lost it or someone took it, and because it had holes burnt into it from "NORML" use :)
  18. Havent had my new spoon to long maybe a week so far.
  19. I've had my glass spoon for like 6 months, I've had my one hitter for like 5, and I just bought a zong like a month ago.
  20. Volcano 3 years

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