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How long have you been smoking and who introduced you to it?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bamboobam, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I've been smoking for 2 years and my boyfriend introduced it to me since he was a stoner at the time. I am interested in doing it and he got me the hook up. I'm not a stoner but I smoke from time to time.

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    my half brother the summer between 5th and 6th grade, i was real young, but its not like i turned into an everyday smoker or anything back then,

    he was older than me and my mom and dad were gone for my mom's surgery at Duke (liver transplant, she has Hep C) and him and my older sister stayed at the house with me and my other brother (there are 4 kids, im the youngest, sisters the oldest)

    well he pulled out some roaches from his car and made a lil bong and talked me into trying it, i was scared at first because i was young and had just went through the Dare program and all that so i thought it was super horrible and scary but him being my brother and me lookin up to him i did it and found out it wasnt scary, but i didnt really turn into a smoker until high school (mainly because i couldnt afford it)

    but that was my first time with it and my oldest brother introduced me

    btw im 27 now
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    Well I've been blazing it up since I was 16, so around 2 years 6 months of everyday use minus the  3 or 4, one week t breaks In between.
    I just got talking to some guy on my IT apprenticeship training course one day and before I knew it a few days later I was trying my first J. 

     It's vape only these days however.
  4. forever and a day
  5. I started when I was 19. I am now 65. You do the math!  :p   It was Richard, the owner of the Warlock Shop in San Diego, who introduced me to cannabis! :smoke:
  6. High School graduation party, after we were all good and drunk he rolled two spliffs for Him, my sister and I.
  7. First tried it my sophomore year :)
    my friends started smoking before this year but I never wanted to try it because I chose to be sober
    but then I read more on it and found out its not that bad at all and tried it

    First I was with my two friends and we were smoking some dro out of a bong
    but I only took like 2 shitty hits and didnt get high

    The next day I told my friend who used to be a stoner at the time and he was like " ohh duude I need to get you actually high!"
    then I was taking bong-like hits on a pipe cause I didn't know and almost threw up haha
    but yea, I got high

    that was around 3 months ago and yes ima n00b
  8. I've been blazing for 5 years, I wanted to try it so I asked a friend who I knew smoked, she invited me to a party in some guy's house and there it happend.. Love at first puff.
  9. Been blazing for 8 years or so started freshmen year when I wa with a friend going to pick up his gf at the time. I steadily smoked once in a while until I graduated and got my own place then been blazing every day since
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    The first semester I was college. I had two roommates, one who did it and was stopping, and one who was still doing it (9 of us in total, thanks college dorms), anyway I was curious and they kept asking me so one day I was like "Yeah let's do it"
    I'm glad I made the choice, even though I don't let it control my life or that nonsense.
  11. I was 14 years old, just graduated from middle chool and going to high school in the fall. I haven't seen my uncle for about 8 years and he  and I walked to the store, he bought a cigar and then some weed from someone I didn't know at the time. When he was emptying out the cigar I was like "You just bought a cigar just to empty the tobacco out?!" He said "I got this." Then he rolled the blunt up, I hit it and never smoked in my life. My lungs were on FIRE and I was coughing like crazy! Been hooked on Mary jane since then...Wish I could go back in time and hit it like a BOSS!
  12. Been high all day since 6th grade.  <3
    Maxwell.  Great guy, still kick it with that mother fucker.
  13. On my 15th birthday me and a few friends bought 2gs and got REALLY high. I tried it because i was curious

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  14. Only about 3 months. My step brother did. I'm high right now !
  15. In winter/holiday break of my senior year in high school. One of my long time friends hits me up one day and asked me if I wanted to smoke up with him and I said sure. Up until then I was a real uptight mofo about weed. I went on to become an everyday smoker for about a year in college but I've been on a one year t-break not necessarily by choice but I'm gonna get my card this weekend before I go to work and enjoy some edibles ^_^

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