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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cannibus69, May 22, 2003.

  1. germination? i just found a bag seed , it is bigger than my indoor seeds that tell u anything at all?? I just got some blueberry I am so happy And i have some super afghanis :) extra nice :p I am going to be in a good deal when these are down and man just to share i got some weed and that shit was off the chain i dont know what it was but i would focus on a spot and it would feel like i am walking in place weird , but back to the question about

    A) how long will it take?
    B) why is the seed bigger
    C) Do you love weed?
  2. For info on the germination , i just put in a cup of water fyi...
  3. HIGH All, anywhere from 12 to 48 hrs Cannibus69...after 12 hrs I usually change the water the next day to keep everything fresh. I've had 10 seeds in a jar one time and never changed the water and in about a day and half they were starting to get mold on now when I have a few seeds in a jar of luke warm water I change it so it doesn't happen again.
  4. What I did for my bag seed was ...take a small polythene bag ...those transparent sandwich bags and wet two paper towels and place the seeds in between the paper towels ...Then put it in the bag and close the bag slightly ...not all the way ....Keep it in a dark cool place for two days ..and u will be good to go. I recenlty have some seeds from another bag ....those seeds are huge .....May be the plant had some energy that it could divert to good seed production.... or the male plants was a very horny one ....LOL

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  5. hoestly I dont think seed size makes any difference at all. I got some trainwreck seeds and those fuckers were huge!

    to germinate I put 2 seed in a shotglass full of distilled water and let them sit for 24 hours If the seeds are good they will sink. I dont know if this is an exact science but it made sense to me. After that I put them in a stack of moist towels and it took another 24 - 48 hours to show the taproot. I have had HUGE success with this method

  6. ok, so after i change the water and the seed sinks does the leg come out or do i have to do something else??? thx... peace out
  7. when the seed sinks ahter letting it sit for 24 hours no matter what take it out and place it between 6 moist paper towels place the paper towels in between two plates one fliped upside down and keep it around 80 degrees if you can (put it on top of a wter heater for ceramic plates put it on top of the fridge for plastic plates or glass plates or fine china or paper plates

    shut up i am high

    let it stay there until you see little roots coming out but make shure that you keep the paper towels moist NOT TO WET!

    when the tap roots start showing pick the seeds up using tweezer and put them in your medium. Make sure the taproots dont get oo long they will use up all the seeds stored energy looking for nutrients. a 1/4 of an inch is where it is at!

    did i mention i was high?
  8. hey it germinated :) i am so happy hehe , i just planted (about 1/2 of an inch deep) outside with the leg going downwards and the seed shell upward. How often should i water? (it is outside, kind of in the wrong place) ??? Thx for the help guys.
  9. wasssup ma weed smokin bro's

    iv'e just planted ma seeds 2day, then watered and feeded 'miricle grow'. i am now planning to leave it in the dark for 2-5 days untill sprouts show out of soil, that is wen i will place under my 2 100w bulbs 24/7. does this sound good for now. PEACEOUT....
  10. firstly if i were you i'd not add any more miricle grow, as the plant doesn't need fert till it's approx 21 days old, it may possibly lead to overfert, as the soil contains a lot of fert allready........and when you say 2x100w bulbs, i hope you don't mean normal light bulbs? the guide under my sig, it will help you........good luck with the grow........Peace out........Sid

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