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How long for the Firecrackers to kickin

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by davefol10, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. So i made some firecracker just as the sticky tutorial said and ate them an hour ago. My question is when are these bad boys going to explode in my brain?
  2. should be soon, if i remember correctly they set in for me at about an hour or so.
  3. give it 15 minutes to an hour. depends on the person.. but yeah
  4. You could smoke a tad to make it kick in,
    thats what I always do..
  5. Ya i mean its been an hour and 15 mins when do you think its official that i they did not work
  6. Really do you feel like that works? Everyones always told me not to smoke before hand.

  7. Smoke a little!
    did you eat them on an empty stomach?
    How much weed did you use?
  8. you could always make another one. i usually eat two, never one.
  9. Used like 1.4 of some very nice KB and no i did not eat it on an empty stomach. Smoked early in the day but have slept since.

  10. The only times they have worked for me I've ate them on an empty stomach,
    IMO its a waste otherwise...
  11. It took mine 1 and a bit hours to kick in and when it did it sucked, I must of done something terribly wrong but I wont go into details right now, wouldn't want to blow your buzz.

    (I'll just say they worked and yes they blew my brain!)

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