How Long For Shipping?

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  1. I remember reading people getting their seeds like 4-5 days after it says processed through customs. But I placed my order with herbies on 5/27, then on 5/30 it was with usps and has been processed through customs in Chicago, now it is 6/12 and still no seed or update on tracking.... Anyone else experience long ship times? Starting to think it may have got lost.

  2. My order been at USPS Chicago ISC since 6-5 with no further tracking updates. Starting to wonder.
  3. There still hasn't been any tracking updates on my order since 6-5. 10 days in ISC Chicago, only took 2 days to get to Chicago from U.K.
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    my recent order (mid-may) arrived in mainland US (chicago customs) and was at my door with 5-6 business days transit time
    yours may have been snagged, or it's just as likely it's just a logjam in the customs system
    if it gets listed as boned, tell herbie right away for a replacement
    all you can really do now is keep an eye on the tracking and wait for something to change ... shitty
    since it's been this long, you should probably email herbie regardless
  5. Well after sitting in Chicago for 11 days the package finally moved from Chicago. Received 6-18 and it did indeed get taken by Customs.

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