how long for nitrogen to kick in

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by newguy0220, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. hey all, if my plants where nitrogen deficient and had become yellowish, how long would a dose of nitrogen take to revert the leaves back to a dark green?

  2. I do find that nitrogen deficiency is quite rare, as most of us do routinely feed nitrogenous ferts. It is natural for lower leaves to yellow, as leaves above shade them from light. Also Mg deficiency is FAR more common than N deficiency. Read my link below.
  3. believe it or not, i actually added epsom salts yesterday just after reading your info on it, so thanks. my plants have been in 10 gallons of foxfarm's ocean Forrest soil for about 2-3 months now with no additional fertilizing, so when they started to fade to a lime green, i thought i better add some nitrogen, so yesterday i gave them high phosphorous bat guano(1 tablespoon per plant) and half a teaspoon or so Epsom salts, and about a tablespoon of fish fertilizer for nitrogen, so hopefully i cure whatever is making them lime green and yellow . any guess as to how long it will take to be back to a dark green if these nutrients are what they needed?

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