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  1. So I want to start growing afew plants in the woods near where I live. I live in Rhode Island (North East USA for those who dont know where RI is) So it may still be alittle cold (around 45 to 60 degress feirenheight).

    Is it too cold to start planting at begining of April. How long does it take for a plant to fully grow? The seeds are from some high mids if that matters.
  2. If you look in the growing section of the forum, there's a place for new growers and I highly suggest you do a lot of research yourself into growing before you start. Better than going in blind you know. As far as the temperature goes, you should wait until it's warmer. Cannabis will usually grow in any temperatures between 65 and 90 degrees, but beyond that in either direction and it could die. Late April would be the earliest I would plant considering that, but its probably better to wait until the Summer anyway.
  3. as jonnymac89 said, it's important you do your research. although days are getting warmer in april in the northeast, the weather is still too unpredictable at that point to be planting some cannabis. Consider starting a few plants indoors, that way they'll get a good start before it's decent enough weather to be planting outdoors. Plant a seed indoors in april, then plant it outdoors in mid-May. But before you do any of this, do some research first then check out the grow forums here...everyone is helpful and knowledgeable in there and happy to help a first timer.
  4. ya u want to make sure u grow dank and not swaggs
  5. Well I cant do indoor b/c Im living at the house w/ parents, Im only 18 so I got to do it in woods :( But its all good I guess

    Ive got some seeds from some good bud, Does that mean as long as I have good maintance on the plant it should come out similar right to when I smoked that bud right?
  6. plant your seeds on 4/20

  7. yup exactly
  8. Like the others said, go ahead and take a look over at the Growing forums. :) There is a lot of very helpful information there related to growing. I would also recommend investing in the book The Cannabis Grow Bible. One of the best books I have ever picked up, period. Read it, study it, memorize it.

    To answer your question, it really depends on the genetics of what strain you're growing. Ruderalis strains will flower in about 4 weeks, while other strains will take up to 3-4 months. Some will grow short and squat, producing very little buds, while other strains will skyrocket and get very hearty. Outdoor growing usually takes longer than indoor growing, and you need to plant your babies at a specific time each year depending on what strain you've selected. It's pretty easy to figure out, you just need to look up the information about your strain. :) If you don't know the strain, then generally you should wait until the temperatures get to about 75.

    Please be very careful guerilla growing. You can purchase (or if you're a pirate, download) a copy of the growing info video from Jose Cervantes (I think that's his name). It has a lot of the information the Grow Bible includes, but in visual form. It also includes a section on guerilla growing and how to keep it all top secret. :)

    Good luck! Hope that helped.
  9. I think it was
    About Four months for Harvest
    )only know what Ive learned on here)
  10. Represent RI! more RI kids need to start growin man def.

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