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how long does your mind stay "cluttered"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by everydaysir, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. alright so the rents are going out of town and i got the whole house to myself.

    was going to throw a party or kickback but neighbours are mad crazy and would see people coming and shit and frankly i dont want to have to clean up after a buncha ppl anyway

    gunna get a couple lighters and about a nice eighth of the best dank i can get for $60 and just smoke the weekend away


    just wondering, how long does your mind stay the weed mode? ive smoked before and hte next day i always wake up feeling wonderful and refreshed (another reason wy i love smoking) but my mind seems to be somewhat dazed and well, can't follow thoughts.

    i have a couple big tests later that week and was just wondering how long the head stays in this ..uhh i guess form? whatever it is..

    thanks for the replies guys
  2. Well if you smoke friday and saturday your mind will be cluttered til sunday.. i've never had it where it lasts 2 days after smoking.. it's usually just the day after. It also sometimes goes away if I take a shower in the morning too. You should be fine.
  3. Smoke then the next day just take a nice warm shower and you should be for me. If it doesn't completely fix that it'll help a lot.
  4. after a long weekend (or week) of toking what really helps me is to go the gym exercise a bunch and then hit the sauna. This way the THC gets through your system quicker and you dont have as long of a weed hangover or in some cases it cured mine.
  5. You mean like a burnout?
    like being sleepy and blah.
    and you start a sentence and you're just like
    The worst one i had was for 3 days.
    That was the first time i smoked.
    I had like 6ish bowls with one other person.
    After that ive never had them.
    But anyway.
    Yeah just a day.
    Just go to sleep early sunday.
  6. usually takes me about a day or two
  7. well i only stay burnt out for 2 - 3 days but i still dont feel normal for like a month although some days ill be fine and somedays i will feel a lil weird but have a shower and a sauna and drink alot of coffee it helps you not feel tired. i stoped smokeing for like 1 month and i felt the way i did befor i every tried weed

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