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how long does your high last?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DamnxSarah, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. If you smoke like one bowl, or joint, how long does it last for you?
    d: mine last for about two hours.
  2. 3-4 on a small bowl
  3. When I get some real dank weed from my steam roller about 2 hours. But usually I am ready for another bowl after about a hour and hour and half im sober
  4. I have a low tolerance + have included omega 3 into my diet, I'll say 1-2 hours for an high as fuck level then it starts to relaxes my body and mellows me out; man I love weed.
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    About 45 minutes at the stoned out of my mind point then about three more hours later I feel pretty sober. Don't have much of a tolerance :)
  6. I have the tolerance at about 7.5/10
    My highs usuall bout 45 minute to about an hour.... Then completely sober.. That's uno bowls outa this contraption

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  7. stoned out of my mind all day.
  8. I guess the peak lasts about an hour or two, but the high somewhat lingers pretty much all day for me (unless I sleep). It's nice.
  9. i stay high
  10. The peak is probably 1 hour but I'm burnt for like 6 hours but I like the feeling
  11. depends on the weed n how much i smoke, could be 45 mins to like 3 hours
  12. About an hour and a half, for sativas. Indicia's last at least 2 hours or more, then i fall asleep haha. Every time
  13. Well when I smoke...I smoke to the face. 4 hours.
  14. A bong rip every 30 minutes keeps me happy.
  15. My Kush highs usually last about 3-4 hrs and I only smoke it!
  16. Really depends on the type bud, and how big the actual bowl is. If its a Sativa it usually lasts about 30 minutes for the peek and about an hour of comedown. Usually all indicas just feel like a straight out comedown, causing me to knock out early, not knowing when my high actually goes away. If you want your peek to last longer and hit harder, i may suggest eating an edible on an empty stomach. But if you are new to weed i wouldn't suggest this. But if you straight out are a fiend for the sticky leaves, then by all means go for it! :)
  17. Two hits out of the Vap in the morning and a hit every hour after. Vap bowl holds between four to six hits.
    That doesn't blast me but I'm high all day.
  18. .1-.2g bowl 1 1/2-2 hours
  19. I don't smoke generally, I vape out of a bubbler. Since switching I notice my highs don't "last as long" because I don't get a burnt out feeling afterward-but the high is much clearer and 'up'. But weed mellows me out and that effect definitely lingers throughout the day.
  20. Two bowls and the first hour I am SOARING.....then I come down slowly after that for the next 2 to 3 hours....I start out laughing my ass off then mellow out by the 3rd hour.....

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