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How long does your high last? What are the different stages of the high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Okay.....i think this is how mine start.

    First hit: As soon as I exhale my body and mussel area becomes relaxed.

    After about 5 minutes, I am starting my way UP, I get the weed googles, light seems different, about 15-30 minutes I peak, this is when all of a sudden things like the world around you gets a little alice and wonderland. Feels like lightening is running through your whole body, it's an unbelieveable feeling.

    I become more sensitive to touch, sight, music and sound, mind starts thinking all these abstract and twisted things. A woarped since of reality but til able to know that cannabis altered the reality.

    45-1:00hr im starting my way down, things still a little crazy, munchies, laughing at this point

    1:30-2:00 weed googles are off, I may feel a little tired. I would eat if I had food.
  2. First Hit - As soon as i exhale, i too become relaxed and a cluster of thoughts occupy my attention. Sometimes i forget to breath if its some bomb shit.

    10 min - I usually get indica strains, so by this time, im extremely stoned and it stays at the same height until...

    2 hours - the high starts to mellow out. From here, its a steady decline. Expanded thinking may shrink. Abstract thoughts will dissolve.

    3 hours - Buzzed but clear headed. My reactions are those of a sober being. Abstract thoughts are no more.

    4 hours - The trip is over. Hopefully, theres more green to feed the beast

    I wish i had some bud... probations a motherfucker. :(
  3. First hit-a little calming, slight relaxation

    10 mins- either finishing the bowl or starting a new one. Usually I top the old bowl with another half bowl or so because I don't feel high

    25 mins- realize I smoked a lot more than I needed to but enjoy it so much I don't care. Smoke a cig occasionally which helps it set in really good. Usually a few more puffs after a cig.

    1 hour- I feel the high slowly wearing off. 7/10 times ill go smoke another bowl. If I'm not smoking another bowl than I am making some sort of food/drink.

    1:45 - high is gone, maybe slight lingering of a heavy feeling.

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